Time Changes

Time Changes

Changes are not far off. The positive social changes are destined to be. And we, the youth, can become the change you want to see in society …

It is with such thoughts and feelings that the training “Change Must Go On” ended. It took place during the week of September 10th-18th and brought together representatives of 8 countries in the picturesque banks of the largest lake in Latvia (or as told to Latvians Raaaaznas Ezers :).

The training course was incredibly thematically rich, we only have one week time to discuss issues and challenges of global education, global citizenship and global warming. Many, many global ideas, but most importantly, how global issues can be implemented in practice, or in general in the city, or within the activities of the NGO somewhere in Sykhiv, or in the school across the road. This is the most valuable lesson learned, when you realize that new knowledge is much needed, and that it can truly be applied for the benefit of local communities. For a week of training, in the air hovered the spirit GLOCAL: Think globally, act locally.

24 participants seeking positive change for their countries, cities and communities had the opportunity to get acquainted with the unique, informal learning methods (Storytelling, PhotoVoice and Sensory Labyrinth Theatre). But the theory, although very interesting, needs support. We had agreed to try how it works in real life by visiting one of Latvia’s schools and youth centers to work with children.

In general, it was said that the experience of the training course was invaluable. It definitely inspired and encouraged plans and projects for the future, and let us not forget, that change must go on!


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