The first castle bike ride

The first castle bike ride

On October 2, activists of the NGO “Social Initiatives Institute” organized a bike ride, dubbed “Castle bike ride.” The route ran through key points of Lviv, Sykhiv – Old Village – Svirzh. About 50 cyclists and supporters of this idea participated in the first event in a recreational cycle to local history, traveling to see the castles and overcoming a distance of 90 km.

For history buffs and members of the journey, the Chief of the Department of Tourism and Resorts, Roman Terebentsya, was waiting to give a tour of the castle, located in the city, Svirzh.

As the organizer of the event and head of the Lviv branch of SII, Viktor Petrov said, “This event is not the first that our organization has completed to involve residents of the city and the region. We have had interesting times and an opportunities to relax in the country before. Even before we organized this trip, we had a trip to the Roztochia reserved monastery in the village, to Stradch, a park in the village, to Obroshyno, and more. We will continue to have a more systematic approach to the development of our region.”

The organizers appreciate Tourism LOSA, NGO “X-sports” and NGO “Time of justice” for help in the implementation and development of cycling and tourist potential of Lviv region. They also appreciate those wishing to join the initiative of NGOs and to discover new places for themselves in our region.


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