The City of Vynnyky became a city of ENERGY

The City of Vynnyky became a city of ENERGY

Today we want to tell you about the implementation of a project, named “Consume and Use Energy Wisely,” which was the implemented by the NGO “Institute Active Community.”

More than 700 students from 4 schools conducted 40 interactive sessions in which students learned about how the rational use of energy and water in the home. There were interesting discussions on issues of energy efficiency, the impact of traditional energy on the environment and the development of green energy in the world and Ukraine.


During the project, there were distributed leaflets in the participating schools with advice on ways to help save using heat, electricity and water at home.

After the lessons were conducted a survey among students found a high level of understanding of the need to lower consumption. Most of the students were ready to apply the recommendations of the rational use of energy in practice and save money in their family, pay more attention to energy classes such as Consumer Electronics and more.

The project was implemented within the framework of Active Citizens British Council in Ukraine and in partnership with the Institute of Social Initiatives.

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