Somebody to love – Luca Bonamin

Somebody to love – Luca Bonamin

Week 6

If San Nicolas had been with us he would have been happy with how we celebrated his day.

And maybe he wouldn’t go home sober.

I had never celebrated December 19th. Indeed, I did not even know that in other cultures, such as in Ukraine, it is celebrated, also exchanging Christmas gifts on this day. It was a strange thing for me since I’m used to everything being celebrated on December 25th, but at the same time, I’m very happy because that’s exactly what I wanted: to live a different culture.


Christmas is also approaching, which is here on January 7th, but that for me is December 25th. Tomorrow. And with it came the first hard blow of this experience: the first real lack of home. It was terrible, and it still is. But that’s okay, it’s part of the growth path.

This will be the first Christmas I spend away from home and my family.


But what is family if not a group of people you love, with whom you are well and with whom you can trust each other? I know it may seem early, but I don’t feel like saying that here I am so far away from the family, because here in Ukraine I found one (and yes ганусся, you are the mother who doesn’t want me to say bad words).

One thing I can never complain about is not having found great people.

I hope the situation is mutual. I love you guys.


cover credits: Вікторія Матевощук (who I didn’t ask rights for the photo)

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