Santa Barbara in Armenia

Santa Barbara in Armenia

Santa Barbara is not only the 2137 series, it is not only 10 years old, it has also become an expression of the complex and dramatic relationships between people.

On September 19th-26th, 35 youth workers from different countries, cultures and religions, gathered in Yerevan for an international training course under the same name.

The main objective of the project was to show that no matter what any of us are involved with, it all comes down to communication, interpersonal relationships and humane treatment to each other. This is especially important now, because in today’s world identity, self-determination and self-realization are the main values.


During the week, while in Armenia, where patriarchy is still prevalent in accordance to family relationships, where a woman’s place is still associated with the household, we talked about gender equality, the protection of women and children, the types of communication and perception and about stereotypical thinking and our own prejudices. Testing on a variety of methods and tools of non-formal education combining theory and facts the masterclass was lead by people with real experience from the NGO “Society without violence” and the Women’s. Resource Center of Armenia. I concluded: We are all different because there are no two like-minded individuals; but we are equal in our rights and obligations. We all are inhabitants of one planet and it is our duty to build a world free from poverty, injustice and evil.

Therefore advice to involved initiatives that want to take part in the project is, in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, Be the change you prefer to see in the world!

Lily Tkachuk, member training, Member SII Kyiv

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