If I go ahead with this step, I can’t even imagine how many new experiences I can have – Francesca Rossi

If I go ahead with this step, I can’t even imagine how many new experiences I can have – Francesca Rossi

The snow has finally arrived! I didn’t expect it so early, I thought it would come later, but the snowy Ukrainian landscape I have to admit it’s something spectacular. And even this period of time has been full of activity and new experiences and every day that passes, I am more and more content to be here.

The Italian day, organized only among the “colleagues” of the office passed between Italian music and polenta, cooked by Luca, the Italian volunteer, taking me back to an environment halfway between before and during, a disconcerting mix, if you can say so, but it was a nice dip in the past. And speaking of dives, how can I not mention the evening in the sauna, in a place reserved only for us, without other people, with food and music and a total price with which in Italy you could only pay two pizzas.

I also passed on to me the experience that I saw pass to all the migrants that since 2011 my family and I have followed in the reception centers, as regards the residence: hours spent sitting and waiting, always accompanied by at least one organizer of the project, trying to keep the place in line, seeing people passing in front of it and returning home twice without having concluded anything. Ironically, the time I spent there, in the immigration office, is nothing compared to what other people normally have to go through. And I have to say that it made me especially enter the office, answer questions, take pictures and take fingerprints (a difficult process moments before the delivery of the document, since I had cold hands for the outside temperature, but it went well in the end).

Last week I and all the other volunteers started the Ukrainian lessons and I was looking forward to it! It’s strange now, to go around the street and try to decipher the alphabet in the billboards, in the writings of shops and in the various sentences written on the tram.
I can’t forget to mention the youth talent, with a jury, where I could see and better understand the Ukrainian culture, by young people, with traditional dances and songs, acting and various exercises. On this occasion, I was in charge, together with all the others, of taking pictures of the event and I am really happy to have started this project finally, having wanted to do it from the first day I arrived here. The evening ended with a pizza-based dinner in the restaurant-pizzeria Celentano, which is really famous here and to which many pizzerias are dedicated, something that I never imagined.

What can I say, if I go ahead with this step, I can’t even imagine how many new experiences I can have and how much more I can open my mind and my eyes, but I’m v anxious every day to wake up and try to guess what will happen that day because it could v happen to everything. So now I can add “sauna” to the list of first experiences, after the first football game in a stadium and the first ride in the leaves.
I hope to spread my experience as much as possible, so there may be other people who can live wonderful experiences like this!

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