Getting used to – Luca Bonamin

Getting used to – Luca Bonamin

Week 3

Only a week can pass, but many things can happen in seven days.

First of all this week, we had the “Borsch and Varenyki party”.

It was amazing to be able to enter in the culture of this different country for the first time, seeing how two famous dishes of their tradition are prepared and then eat all together.

And Varenyky are Varenyky: everyone likes them, but if you want to cook those, just remember to have enough energy for the preparation.

A special thanks go to Katya, the best Ukrainian chef.

Then I don’t know if you know the High Castle of L’viv. I didn’t go there, but to the hill next to it.

I advise everyone to go there at least once to see the view from there, and I think I’ll be back there, just to sit there, breathe that air and admire the city from above.

Now the special thanks go to Solia, my awesome project mentor (the yellow girl in the pic) that brought me there.

And in the end, I have the pleasure to tell you that these will be only the first of many Italian-themed days that we will have in the period in Ukraine, full of Italian great food and with an awesome musical background. I have to say all of these make me feel a lack of home.

And obviously I can’t wait for the other countries to show their culture, show their food, show their languages because one of the best moments in these European projects is when cultures are shared and new things are discovered.

I don’t think I get use to living here yet. Certainly, it has only been a little over twenty days since I arrived in Ukraine, but seeing how things go I think I could get used to it soon.

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