End of the semester SCHOOL OF CHANGES 2016

End of the semester SCHOOL OF CHANGES 2016

Throughout the fall, The Society Initiatives Institute implemented an educational project called “School of Change,” which aimed to develop new skills and competencies in students. This semester we held classes in five schools in Lviv, namely SPC “School-Lyceum “Oriyana”, Secondary School of Oriental Languages and specialized school №5. Ivanov and Ilya Kokorudziv, Vynnykivske boarding school and LNVK.


Participants learned about and discussed how a civil society can be influenced by people such as themselves. They learned about the global objectives of sustainable development and how to write a project on their own.


On December 23, the official closing of the semester took place and participants presented and defended their projects in front of the main trainers of the program. Those whose projects were determined the best, received certificates of graduation with honors and help to fund their ideas. Very soon the city will have a school workshop for manufacturing jewelry (the raised money will be donated to charity and also used to help make other students’ project ideas a reality) a project about BookCrossing, a school club for viewing movies and more. Also, all graduates of the program are able to take place in our new projects that will start in February 2017.

The team is now planning to have a new SII “School of Change” and is working to make the project even better!

The project was supported by the British Council in Ukraine and by “Time of justice” and was implemented in partnership with AIESEC LVIV, feminist workshops, Lviv city council, Lviv regional youth center and PeaceCorps.

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