Culture shock – Carla San Andres

Culture shock – Carla San Andres

Little by little I discover more things about culture, but it is a complicated process. There are aspects of culture that are easy to explore and keep in mind, such as language, food, clothing, vacations and holidays … but getting deeply into culture is a long and difficult process. Discover beliefs, values, ideals of beauty … in general, those aspects of culture that belong to the interior of people. I really enjoy and would like to meet more local people, to be able to reach those aspects that are invisible, and really explore the culture in all its essence, but in turn, the language barrier is a problem. There are many barriers that partly prevent my goal of making this new culture part of me, but little by little they break. 

Last Sunday, I went with Piotr my mentor, to an English Club that organized Green Forest in a cafe, where I had the opportunity to meet many local people and their views on different topics. The girl who organized the event handed out a photo of a person/group of people to each of the participants, and we had to ask each other if the person in our photo for them was good or bad. It was a really enriching activity because the topics that were exposed were mostly related to the Church, LGBTI people, charity, politicians … so it opened my vision about how Ukrainian culture affects these issues. Thanks again to my mentor who is great, for discovering such enriching events !!

Also during these weeks, we are having a photography workshop, both production and postproduction, which is helping us explore our own tastes and increase our creativity, which is really amazing for me because capturing reality in audiovisual format is something that I  would love to work in the future, so planting seeds in my knowledge in this field, I love it.

Now I have been officially living here in Lviv for a month, and the streets are full of colors, sensations, and smells of Christmas, and it has been here when the feeling of nostalgia towards my house, my city, and the people closest to me, has increased, but I am really happy to have the opportunity to enjoy these dates in a city as beautiful and different as Lviv. Anyway, I’m looking forward to coming home and telling you how my experience is being here and bringing all the energy this city is giving me.

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  1. Henry

    Me alegra que estes abierta a empatizar aun que no compartas el mismo punto de vista, el estar fuera de tu pais, tu cultura hace que aprendas otras costumbres que te enriquecen como persona y la distancia hace que valores lo que dejas atras .
    Sigue aprendiendo y paciencia con el idioma, llevas poco tiempo.

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