Call for participants for Civil Society Fellowship Program

Call for participants for Civil Society Fellowship Program

Society Initiatives Insitute announces the selection of the candidates for the participation in the Civil Society Fellowship Program, which are impemented by 7 civil society organizations in the frames of the EU-funded project “Everyone Matters! Development of Inclusive and Participatory Youth Work Practices in Eastern Partnership countries”.

Civil Society Fellowships are designed to enrol young people from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine in a week-long Fellowship in EU-based civil society organizations based in Germany, Belgium and Sweden. The Fellowship aims at empowering Young leaders in Eastern Partnership countries and their hosting organizations by giving an opportunity of knowledge and culture exchange. The fellows have a unique chance to get engaged in organizations and local communities in the EU countries, support their daily operations, learn new working practices, gain experience and develop leadership skills. As a result of the Fellowship, fellows will experience work in an EU-based civil society organization, develop network, exchange culture and learn about the context where the organizations operate in.

In order to be eligible for a Fellowship the applicant must:
1. be a national and/or a resident of one of the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine);
2. be between 18 and 35 years old;
3. have a proven track record of (a) working in a civil society organisation or (b) taking a leading role in his/her community by advancing issues related to young people, youth participation, youth inclusion or youth development in one form or another;
4. fluent in English;
5. assume responsibility and show commitment if selected.
This Fellowship is designed for young civil society activists/ junior professionals from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine who are affiliated with a civil society organisation in these countries or have significant experience volunteering or seeking to address problems in the lives of their communities.

Fellowship scheme should allow young professionals to travel to another country, be hosted by local NGO’s, to learn about their practices, get more inspire, improve their skills and enrich the CV.

Hosting organisations:

Fellowship Location: Brussels
Dates of Fellowship: 24 April – 01 MAY, 2019 

AEGEE (Association des États Généraux des Étudiants de l’Europe) is one of Europe’s biggest interdisciplinary student organisations. As a nongovernmental, politically independent, and non-profit organisation AEGEE
is open to students and young people from all faculties and disciplines. Since its foundation in 195 in Paris, AEGEE puts the idea of a unified Europe into practice by operating without a national level, bringing a network of 13000 friends together from, 200 cities in 40 countries, directly in touch with each other via cultural exchanges, non-formal educational opportunities.


Fellowship Location: Berlin
Dates of Fellowship: 12 – 19 MAY, 2019  or 19 – 26 MAY, 2019 

TeachSurfing developed an online “TeachSurfing” platform which currently enables people to share knowledge and culture with local communities in 47 countries. Travellers, refugees, and locals who would like to share their knowledge voluntarily are called TeachSurfers. They indicate their skills over the platform. Schools, universities, youth clubs as well as non-profit organisations working with refugees, migrants, and marginalized youth are called TeachSurfing Hosts. They indicate their learning needs. Both sides can find and contact each other, organize knowledge-sharing workshops.


The Fellowships should be organized by hosting organizations, taking into account the following structure:

  • 5 working days + 2 days for arrival and departure
  • At least 2 in-house days (office based). The goal of this 2 days is to learn about the organization´s work, sharing their practices and getting inspiration from the colleagues. The hosting organization can ask Fellows for operational support or any organizational support needed.
  • At least 1 workshop delivered by Fellows in the hosting community (local NGO, school, university, community centre, etc.) The goal is to get to know locals and contribute to the development of the local community. The information about the hosting community and the target group should be communicated to the Fellows at least 2 weeks before the start of their Fellowship.
  • 2 Fellow needs based days: Organizing study and cultural visits for Fellows, helping them to attend events based on fellows needs and interests.


All the travel costs of the participants within the maximum limit per country (275 EUR for Ukraine) will be refunded to Fellows. Reimbursement will be done in EUR, regardless of the currency indicated on the ticket and receipt/invoice.

Domestic travel of the Fellows will be fully covered. Hosting organizations will provide the Fellows
with a weekly transportation card.

Visa costs of the Fellows will be fully covered by Armenian Progressive Youth NGO upon the receipt of
the scanned visa and the payment receipt provided by the respective EU Member State Embassy.

Accomodation will be covered by the program. Breakfast will be included in the price of accommodation. Fellows will have their breakfast in the Hotel where they will stay. Fellows will also receive daily food allowance to cover their meals. The allowance is calculated as following:
Belgium – 25 EUR per day x 7 days = 175 EUR
Germany – 18 EUR per day x 7 days = 126 EUR

The project is implemented with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.


Please fill in the application form by the 7th of March 2019.

We will contact only selected candidates latest by 11th of Marh 2019.

In case of any questions please contact project coordinator Anna via

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