Шукаємо учасників/учасниць міжнародного проекту “Building Bridges, Breaking the Walls: Managing Refugee Crisis in Europe”

Шукаємо учасників/учасниць міжнародного проекту “Building Bridges, Breaking the Walls: Managing Refugee Crisis in Europe”

Запрошуємо взяти участь у 2-етапному  міжнародному проекті “Building Bridges, Breaking the Walls: Managing Refugee Crisis in Europe”.

What: Training Course
Title: Building Bridges, Breaking the Walls: Managing Refugee Crisis in Europe

Venues and dates:

Training Course: 20-28 November (including travel days), Yerevan, Armenia

Study Visit: February (days will be confirmed), Stockholm, Sweden

Participating Countries: Armenia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Denmark, Turkey, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Georgia, Portugal

The project is intended for 32 youth workers, youth educators, members of civil society organizations from 15 European Union and the Neighboring countries who are ready to actively fight against radicalization, discrimination and intolerance against refugees and migrants in their countries and who want to transfer the knowledge they gained in the project to the youth in their organizations and countries.

To ensure a long term impact we will involve same  youth workers in both activities of the project.

The Training Course (Armenia) and the Study Visit (Sweden) have the following main objectives:

  • To provide conceptual framework on the notions of emigration, immigration, integration and multiculturalism to 36 youth workers from different European countries;
  • To analyze the emigration and immigration situation in participating countries and to find out the causes of migration, namely push and pull factors;
  • To discuss and analyze the current refugee crisis migration challenges in Europe and try to offer solutions from the perspective of youth work;
  • To foster tolerance, respect and open-mindedness towards migrants while working with young people as a target group;
  • To share experiences and best practices of integrating young migrants in youth organizations;
  • To equip youth workers with capacity to combat hate speech towards migrants, misinformation about refugees and xenophobic discourse;
  • To create a network of NGO’s willing to be involved in the migration management process and contribute to the refugee integration process in participating countries.

100% of all the travel costs of the participants within the maximum limit per country will be reimbursed.
Travel reimbursement for Ukrainian participants – 275 EUR  (for traveling both ways).

Each participant should attach the following documents to the reimbursement form in Yerevan:

  • Tickets (there must be price and name of the person stated on it).
  • Boarding passes (in case of loss – please get a confirmation from the airlines, that the flight was taken)
  • Invoices – yes, even if you have a ticket, our accounting still needs an INVOICE.
  • Online Check-in should be made before your leave Yerevan to make sure you give as Boarding Passes from the way back as well.

There will be also an intercultural evening, and it would be perfect if you can bring and share some food, drinks, and traditions about your countries.

There is a participation fee of 50 EUR for both of the projects

You can apply here

Deadline for the application: October 11


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