“Active Citizens” in Drohobych

“Active Citizens” in Drohobych

In Drohobych, October 22nd-23rd, the training “Active citizens” under the auspice of the British Council in Ukraine, was organized by the NGO "Institute for Social Initiatives”.

It was visited by the citizens of Drohobych and they received certificates of international standard. For two days, our new facilitators Julia Romanchuk and Irina Voloschak, conducted a training in the field of intercultural dialogue and social development, they showed the scheme of and how to write projects for funding by the British Council.


“This is an informal educational program using nonstandard training techniques that are creative, because it involves the community of active citizens of Ukraine. We are also the driving force that is ready to make changes. Who, if not us? When, if not now?” – a summary of what Julia and Irina told the new active citizens of the city of Drohobych.

The subjects of future projects, included discussion of a space for children with disabilities and their parents, a center for volunteers and training courses on the project “Colored Town,” which designs drawings of the city residents.

The NGO “Institute for Social Initiatives” expresses gratitude to the leadership of the City Library, Chornovil, for providing a reading room for two days of a training.

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