Week 11

Here we are! Came back from the longest holidays I have ever had (I challenge someone if spending two Christmases and a New Year are not considered long holidays).

Talking seriously, it was my mind that designed everything, never letting time go by, dilating it in an almost aberrant way, transforming minutes into hours, hours into months and days into years, and the only thing of which I couldn’t wait for those days to end. Being away from loved ones on the days when you have been used to spending them together for twenty years has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Or maybe yes. Maybe I would recommend it, but only when I will see the results of all this, to physically detach itself almost completely from what I used to call home. I say almost completely because my mother’s voice scolding me for how I speak I keep hearing it. Like every two days.

So I hope to recommend this to someone, to encourage someone else to do it, since it will mean that I will have seen the results and that those have been positive.

What else. Thanks to all those who made me spend these holidays even for just a second making me think of something else. Thanks to everyone I was able to talk to openly without feeling judged. And thanks to those who have also been there silently. But now it’s enough to act like someone is dead,  that period has passed, there are still many months ahead to face, and the projects to be implemented are only starting to take shape. This only means one thing: that you will not get rid of me soon! (also because guess who is going to receive the residence permit).

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