ГО “Інститут Суспільних Ініціатив ” проводить відбір учасників/учасниць на молодіжний обмін на Мальты “Youth on the Go”.  Тема та завдання даного проекту – підвищення рівня знань про важливість активного й здорового способу життя, сприяння активному громадянству та соціальній інклюзії, повазі та взаємопорозумінню представників різних культур.

Дати проекту: 1 – 8 серпня 2018 (31 липня – прибуття, 9 серпня – відправлення).

Project description
In a report issued by the World Health Organisation ‘Young and Physically Active’  specific reference is made to the fact that physical activity plays a key part in young people’s physical, social and mental development.In spite of all the efforts and initiatives created to fight the current alarming rise in the levels of obesity and inactivity rates, concrete results are too few and hard to come by. The costly problem of obesity is affecting our societies at all levels. In the latest study published by Eurobarometer on sport and physical activity, a staggering 59% of those who undertook the survey (27,919 respondents) confirmed that they never or rarely play /exercise a particular sport.

The theme and objectives of the project are to develop the young peoples understanding, knowledge and experience on living active and healthy lifestyles, promote active citizenship, social solidarity and inclusion and respect and mutual understandings of different cultures.

The general objective of our project is to help and improve the participants’ skills:
‐to give participants an understanding of the issues that surround healthy lifestyles and youth obesity. This will be done through the multiple activities planned.
‐to develop a sense of active citizenship so that the participants can raise issues and develop campaigns that will aid youth participation on these issues.
Experiencing outdoor activities will provide the participants with the necessary knowledge to encourage others back home to promote physical activity and nurture a sense of curiosity to explore their surroundings and how to stay active.
‐to highlight the importance of culture fusion and how through a combination of different cultures we can not just learn to respect each other but we can also learn how to be more tolerant towards other cultures. Food and sharing of nutritional information and recipes is one of the key tools by which we will highlight and work on this priority.

The main activities include a mixture of outdoor activities, physical activities, workshops, discussions and culinary nights all intended to promote the themes of the project.

You will be sleeping under canvas, and we will guarantee that you will experience a unique experience such as
– Nature sounds
– Watching the clear starts and shooting stars
– Chilling out by the campfire.
Toilet and shower facilities will be provided. You should bring sleeping bag and camping mat.

Travel reimbursement for participants- 360 EUR (for traveling both ways).

To apply – fill in the form: Youth on the Go application form

Application deadline: 23 of June 2018

Only selected candidates will be contacted!

In case any questions do not hesitate to contact us via projects@sii.org.ua