Week 5

If someone from now will tell me “busy week” I will know what it means.

Really, this week was crazy. If I look at the negative side, the stress level has risen over 9000, but just looking at the positive side I remember again the reason for being here, away from home, surrounded by new people and new experiences. New experiences. This is what I have been in front of my eyes for more than a month.

To name two:

We started photography, lighting, editing lessons, for which I must thank Гала Козютинская and Віктор Петров, THE photographers.

It’s something I’ve always been interested in, at least to try, but I’ve never had the chance to do, perhaps more courage to go into something unknown to me. Thank you. Thanks to them and to Cиків Медіа.

And last but not least, three times a week we have Ukrainian language lessons, which really: if you don’t need it for important reasons, don’t try to learn it, you would waste everything you know about logic.

Joking aside, even just having to learn a new language, with rules (or non-rules) different from one’s own, changing words’ genders and three ways to say “and”, is to test oneself to broaden one’s horizons.

But anyway what I would like to talk about finally, cause we have also the opportunity to make our thoughts heard, and for this, I must thank SII, is the condition of the country. Because I didn’t think that, at least comparing it with European standards, the situation in which the educational system is, for example, was like this. I could have thought it perhaps fifty years ago, but not today, practically in 2020. Teachers must provide with the help of families in setting up a classroom with basic tools. Just, for example, the blackboard. Maybe after the book, the tool that represents the act of teaching.

I’ve always known that to be a teacher, a person must love their job. Here a teacher must truly be able to love his task so much to have to overcome the state’s shortcomings.

All my esteem to all these people who act to be able to live worthily. All my esteem to that teacher who bought a blackboard for his children. Because where I live it would never have happened, no teacher would think of buying one.

He would just complain.