Recently Society Initiatives Institute held 2 workshops on the topic of conflict transformation are part of follow up activity of the training course from UNOY (United Network of Young Peacebuilders), which members of organization attended in April in Hague.

One of the workshop we did in the frames of the bigger project “See Beyond – Merging personal stories and performance art to embrace diversity and fight stereotypes”. In this way, participants could improve their knowledge not only on the topisc of diversity, social inclusion and gender equality, but also to learn more about how resolve conflicts and attain peace in life. Another workshop was open to all young people in Lviv, and took place in public library.

Both workshops contain the idea, that conflicts, are inevitably part of our lives and gives us opportunity to learn and to understand each other in a better way.

Participants were questioning the notion of aggression and whether it is possible to end conflicts by means of violence.

So basically, what we were doing for thousands of years is trying to put out the fire by using the fire itself as a tool? to resolve conflicts by using violence? – Leoinid Ezhurov, participant of the workshop

Through the set of exercises, newborn peacemakers came to the idea that inner peace is about what happens inside each of us. How do we feel now?

Outer peace is about how do we treat our close ones, friends, colleagues and neighbors.

Environmental peace determines our relationship towards the place we live in.

The workshops were supported by the UNOY and Council of Europe through European Youth Foundation.

After few hours of interactions, participants learned and practiced methods of nonviolent communication, became aware of their own attitudes towards solving conflicts outside training room, as well as experienced notion of inner peace as basis of future actions towards peace in life.

“I feel peaceful now.” – Mariana Hasiak, participant of the workshop. 

The workshops were supported by the UNOY and Council of Europe through European Youth Foundation.