Week 4

I think I have never been so excited to see the snow.

When I went out of my apartment it was all cover by it, and between several children playing throwing the snow, you could have seen me throwing it to other volunteers. Where I live in Italy doesn’t snow, so one thing I will have to get used to is the snow.

Seeing all cover by that white thing, between huge buildings made of concrete, seems like to be in the middle of nowhere, like a magic place.


And I think I never been so excited to start lessons such Ukrainian lessons we started this week.

For this moment this language seems hard, for pronunciations and for grammar structure, but the desire to learn it can overpass all the difficulties.

I really want to learn it, cause I find that one of the first steps to enter completely in another culture is to start to speak with that language. Coming from Latin, many words are very very similar to Italian, so I can even see the positive side, that something will be easy to remember.

About the project, the work in the office is going to be more and harder than one week ago. I hope even the possible stress by the work would be useful to grown about self-control skills.


To be sincere I started to miss my parents, but I have to think about why I’m here and why I went away from home. There are motivations for why I left Italy. I hope to reach all the goals I have put myself.

Even if sometimes I’m too lazy just to get up from the chair.

I like to write weekly posts. One day all of these will be useful to remember all, even if I think will be impossible to forget what is happening.