Інститут Суспільних Ініціатив оголошує набір учасників на молодіжний обмін “Hiking for YOU-th”, що відбудеться 10-21 серпня у Грузії, регіон Кахеті.

This project is for you, if:

  • you are 18-29 years old;
  • you are a citizen of Ukraine;
  • you have at least the intermediate level of English;
  • you are interested in the topic of migration, sport, cultural diversity, active youth participation. outdoor activities, and human rights.

About the project: 

The project will connect people from 8 countries to discuss the issues of human rights, sport, and active youth participation. Please, note that the project will be held outdoors, so be ready for the wildlife.

A project ”Hiking for YOU-th” is based on sports, outdoor education & social inclusion. We noticed that Europe citizens are very frustrated because of current changes & new wave of discrimination, hate & anger is starting in the continent again. Huge number of racist crimes in Europe has risen as well, especially hate crimes against Muslims following Paris attacks. There is an urgent need to reduce social tensions, to raise the level of tolerance, to promote the understanding & accepting each other despite the cultural & religious differences.

We believe that sport(we will use various sport & outdoor education methods but hiking as the core)through its universality, can transcend cultural, socio-economic & political barriers, which is very important in a international
context. Sport is powerful tools for development, within international communities. Moreover, sport reflects on different values & can create a bridge between different social groups forming better mutual understanding. The answer could be reaffirmed by citing United Nations, which “recognize that sport, as a tool for education, development & peace, can promote cooperation, solidarity, tolerance, understanding, social inclusion & health at the local, national & international levels”.

Participating countries:

The Netherlands, Portugal, Lithuania, Georgia, Russia, Armenia, Germany and Ukraine.


Organisers cover accommodation, food. Travel expenses will be covered within the travel limit (275 euros for Ukrainian participants).

How to apply:

please fill in the application form YOUTH EXCHANGE “Hiking for YOU-th” by  10 of June 2019.

We will contact only selected candidates.

In case of any questions please contact Hanna, h.veres@sii.org.ua