Не прогавте свій шанс провести свій EVS у таких країнах, як Іспанія, Франція чи Німеччина

Зверніть увагу, що дедлайни вже зовсім-зовсім скоро!

Вс деталі проектів та як подати заявку можна знайти за посиланнями, що представлені нижче.


  • EVS in Madrid-La Casa del Baobab Kindergarten

Річний проект в Мадриді, тематика проекту: Pedagogy and didactics, Creativity and culture, Early School Leaving. Дедлайн подачі заявки – 27.01.2017.

Про проект:

The volunteer will have the oportunity to participate creatively supporting the teacher (without responsibility regarding the children care): he/she will collaborate creating toys, furniture, or different material for children. She will participate in annual parties that we celebrate, she will support the teacher taking care of our vegetable garden and garden, where she will be able to learn the skills necessary for taking care of them.

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  • Evs for culture and disability

Тематика проекту: Creativity and culture, Disabilities – special needs, Inclusion – equity. Дедлайн подачі заявки28.01.2017.

Про проект:

European volunteers will collaborate in different activities:
-Sociocultural Dynamism: activities aimed at social and community participation and collaboration with institutional and local networks. Offer our activities to the Community.
-Therapeutic activities (individual and group): cognitive development, social and occupational skills, physical care and self-management.
-Garden workshop (soaps and perfumes). Shared workshops taught by other entities. Therapeutic activity through the photography/ image, music, painting, swimming, hikingetc.
-Therapies of personal development and creativity: music, pinting, theatre, photo, ICT’s, Literary for free expression, realization of individual projects, enhancement of communication and interpersonal relationships. Workshops of Painting, Theatre , Music, Words, Photography, etc.

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  • EVS Vacancy in the Regional Youth Information Center of Caen

Тематика проекту: EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy, Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy. Дедлайн подачі – 29.01.2017

Про проект:

Proposed activities:
– Dissemination of the Europe Direct pedagogical resources
– Creation of “home-made” pedagogical materials
– Public events (festivals, fairs)
– School visits (management of activities with pupils, or participation as a concrete example for European mobility describing to young people his/her mobility experience).
– Communication: website moderation, creation of communication tools
– Events organization
– Writing tasks (depending on linguistic progress): radio programme, articles and interviews for the website /Facebook.

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  • Volunteers in the MJC of Graulhet

Тематика: EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy, Creativity and culture, Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy). Дедлайн подачі заявки – 27.01.2017

Про проект:

Volunteers will work in a team of professional and experienced youth leaders. They will be able to promote their culture through different activities settled, to experience informal educational methods, to acquire animation tools. If they want, the volunteers will have the possibility to develop personal project with the support of the staff.
Principal tasks:
– To help youth leaders for school support in English or Spanish
– To participate in the organization of cultural events organized by the MJC and in particular the Europe action (Festival of the MJC, concerts, youth exchange, the European week…)
– To update the Europe websites of the MJC and to work on the creation and the broadcasting of tools to promote the European mobility and the Youth in Action Programme.

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  • School club of the YMCA Kodersdorf

Тематика: робота з дітьми та молоддю. Дедлайн подачі заявки – 27.01.2017

Про проект:

The volunteer will be active daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Friday till 8 p.m.) in the open club of the school. Here he has the possibility to organise sports contests and game tournaments for the pupils, to build relationships to them and to live familiar community. Weekly the volunteer should support the Boys or Girls-Only-Workshop, with special subjects, games, and sports, activities for the boys or girls. The Volunteer will be involved as a co-worker in different weekend camps, and overnight activities, and especially he will be involved in organising and arranging a 7-day Teen Camp or action days in summer. The volunteer should introduce his country, his language and culture in the life of the school and the YMCA.

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