Наші партнери, потужна польська організація INPRO з великою кількістю чудових проектів шукає українця на вже затверджений проект.

Проект починається в червні 2017 та триватиме 12 місяців.

Детальна інформація щодо проекту представлена нижче:


The project “Youth embracing change” will take place in Rzeszow, Poland. The goal of the project is to develop interpersonal and intercultural competences among young people as well as among organizers of activities – volunteers themselves. Most of activities within the project will take place in Rzeszow Culture Incubator.
Within the project Volunteers will be involved in following activities:
A. Supporting organization of “Open Cafe”, “Open Cinema” in the Incubator and “Language Cafe” in MCK Boguchwala: participating in team meetings, helping in preparing promo materials such as posters, leaflets aso, helping to promote events, logistics, taking pictures, preparing articles and posts about events, preparing timetable of the events and hosting them,
B. Supporting administration works of the Association: helping to run our Facebook and website, helping with office management
C. Personal projects and initiatives of the Volunteers

Living conditions

Volunteers will be accommodated in a flat 20 min walk from the office. Volunteers will share a room with another volunteer of same gender. The flat is 53 m with two rooms, bathroom and a kitchen. Volunteers are given 85 euro/month pocket money as well as 20 zloty/day for food and transportation. Volunteers are expected to prepare their own meals.

Profile of the future volunteer

We are looking for 4 volunteers from Portugal, Italy, Armenia, Ukraine who are motivated and want to improve their skills and abilities. Volunteers will get good experience in youth work and work with youngsters who participate in INPRO activities after school or courses. Volunteer will work seven hours per working day and they will have free weekends.

How to apply

If interested, please send us an email with your CV and a short (1-2 min) MOVIE where you will tell us a few words about yourself and about why you want to join OUR PROJECT (not why you want to go for EVS) on beata@goinpro.org. Please do not prepare movie presentation with pictures.

У разі виникнення питань – пишіть на evs@sii.org.ua