Хей-хо! Цього тижня пропонуємо вам придивитися до вакансій в Німеччині, Польщі, Швеції та Фінляндії. Тут Вам і спорт, і молодь, і культура, і офісні тусівки 🙂

Налітай, розбирай!


EVS placement in JFE Anna Landsberger

Anna Landsberger youth centre is mostly focused on programs for local youth, culture and learning processes. In this youth centre, local youth is coming and spending free time according to their own interests. They also implement initiatives for more quality spending of time and for improving facilities and services in this youth centre. Users of the Youth centre are youngsters in Age from 10 to 27.We implemented many projects in our district which is mostly populated with people and youth with economical difficulties

Duration: 01/09/2018 – 31/08/2019

Application deadline: 11/03/2018

For more information: EVS placement in JFE Anna Landsberger


EVS – Each Volunteer Share the Experience in Wloclawek from April 2018

Tasks of volunteers will be largely flexible and depend on their preferences, talents and interests, or the direction in which they want to develop themselves, but will mainly include:
• support educational activities for young people in Voluntary Corps (age 15-19 years old)
• taking parts with action and workshops which include cooperation with local foundation and associations: workshops for kids 5-12 y.o.
• workshops of art, social media, sport, music, cultural etc ( what volunteer feel the best)
• support in conducting our action and workshops for youth: Action Summer, Action Winter
• planning and conducting language workshops (English or native language it depends on volunteer) – also open language classes

Duration: 04/04/2018 – 02/10/2018

Application deadline: 23/03/2018

For more information: EVS – Each Volunteer Share the Experience in Wloclawek from April 2018



This project is aimed at bringing creative individuals together to explore and develop fresh communication and marketing concepts for STPLN. This involves promoting the house as a whole but also creating campaigns for one-off events and permanent in-house projects. Volunteers will be working in a team of mixed competencies to plan, develop and execute creative campaigns in different mediums.

Working with the team at STPLN, volunteers will commit 40 hours a week to a dynamic program over ten months. You will get the chance to hone your skills working in a creative team developing out-of-the-box marketing and communication campaigns. You are invited to dedicate one day out of the week to developing your own project with mentorship from the staff at STPLN.

Duration: 03/09/2018 – 28/06/2019

Application deadline: 25/03/2018

For more information: Interdisciplinary communication


Sporty Lapland

Lapland’s Sport Fedration one of main responsibilities is educating club operators, workplaces and people who work with children, so they can develop their activities and be more effective when organizing sporting activities for people. We co-operate with local sport clubs, schools, day care and Santasport Sport Institute (Olympic Training center Rovaniemi). Your voluntary work can be coaching, planning sport activities or get to know Finnish traditional sports. Local sport clubs will provide for you different tasks: coaching, planning and taking part in sporting events and tournaments.

Duration: Aug 2018 – Aug 2019

Application deadline: 29/03/2018

For more information: Sporty Lapland


При подачі заявки на EVS проекти радимо зазначати, що у вас вже є Sending Organisation, та вказувати такі дані:

Sending organisation: NGO “SOCIETY INITIATIVES INSTITUTE” (Lviv, Ukraine)
Email: office@sii.org.uaevs@sii.org.ua
Address: Apt. 8, 56 Hnata Khotkevycha St., Lviv, Ukraine, 79070
Phone: +380 93 347 30 79
Contact Person: Anna Lepska, EVS coordinator, a.lepska@sii.org.ua
EVS accreditation: Sending and hosting organisation.
PIC: 946996936.
Accreditation number (EI-Number): 2015-1-PL01-KA110-023294.
Web-site: http://sii.org.ua/en/
NGO at database of EVS-accredited organisations: europa.eu/youth/volunteering/organisation/946996936_en

У разі виникнення будь-яких запитань, пишіть на скриньку evs@sii.org.ua