Hello again! Since last time I wrote here I’ve been on ashort trip for the weekend to Odesa and I had an amazing time there. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money (I ended up doing the opposite of course J) so using couchsurfing instead of paying for a hostel seemed like a good idea. Now I’ve had an account on couchsuring(CS) for like an year but I never used it before so it took me some time to do my profile, but anyway I was kind of late with the requests to stay and I didn’t manage to find a host in time.

In the end I did stay in a hostel, but CS was still useful anyway to meet new people. I used  the app on my phone to find people around who wanted to hang out and this way I found locals and travellers too from Turkey, France.

Now when I think of romanian history, Odesa it’s not something that comes to mind at all but I happen to find out from Tatyana(lovely local) about the connection between the two. It was great having someone to tell the history of Odesa and about the romanians living there, it was unexpected and it made me really happy. Next place I want to go is Cernivtsi and I will definitely use couchsurfing there too.

conclusion to this: say yes to couchsurfing. It’s really great!

I admired a lot the architecture and the streets. Yes, just the street itself. Sounds strange but i really like them, most of them in the city centre are old brickroads full of trees, you’re never out of shade in there. Except on the beach of course where you can get as much sunlight as you wish. I went swimming in the sea which was a bit cold then, the weather still wasn’t summer-like and now I am a bit tanned. It took a while because I was red for the first 3 days after this.

davAlso in Odesa I went on a show to the „Nemo” Delphinarium although I wasn’t sure in the beginning if I should go because I didn’t had a lot of money left, but it was worth it because the show was just wow….I mean, they were riding dolphins!! I’ve never seen that before and it was soo cool. I didn’t get to touch a dolphin though. Maybe next time, now riding dolphins is on my bucket list, so I’ll have to try it someday.

Back in Lviv, a few weeks ago I was invited by a Ira, a moldavian lady that I met here to give a presentation of Romania to a kids club. I was a bit nervous about this because I never worked with kids before but to my surprise it went well and the club organisers thought so too. They asked me if I can come back and work with the kids again. Now the club is divided in 2 age groups and the other ones are teenagers, so I’m considering now doing some work with the teens about active citizenship, volunteering and and why is so important.


Things are starting to get serious here, I don’t know yet how to do this and I have to figure everything out. It’s a bit scary when I think about it and exciting at the same time. I’ll let you know how it works out!

See you soon!