Hey everyone! Our polish partner “Inni association” is searching for 4 participants to join in a European Solidarity Corps project.

Here you can find some information.

If you are interested, please remember first to send your CV to the mail h.veres@sii.org.ua.


“Inni association” is an organization from Poland (near Katowice) that works in the area of local cultural animation, managing local cultural center with a lot of activities for kids, families, adults, connecting with alternative cinema, organizing several film festivals and regular movie presentations. Also, they organize concerts and outdoor music festivals.

The project itself will take place in the period from May 2020 to April 2021 (12 months), and it will be about cultural animation (movie & cinema, music, and dance, cultural animation and work in the local community).

The deadline for applying is the 1st of April.


cover’s pic credit: @freestock/unsplash.com