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EVS та фотографія


Під час EVS волонтерства ти не тільки надбаєш нових знань та навичок, а й вдосконалиш уже наявні таланти 😉 Ксенія Дубова ділиться своїм досвідом і неймовірно красивими світлинами з Хорватії.

Black and White Pula

After I came to Croatia to do European Voluntary Service in the youth NGO, my life will never be the same.

Always interested in photography, I bought my first analogue camera there, in Pula, on flea market. It was an old USSR Zenit, but I completely fell in love with it! In a first few days I just took it and make a little treasure hunting around Pula. So now I would like to share the result with you. That’s how I see Pula: black&white and so different!

EVS вакансії у Польщі та в Литві

Розшукуємо волонтерів на 2 EVS-проекти (у Польщі та в Литві)


Наша польська партнерська організація потребує одну українську волонтерку чи одного українського волонтера на проект, що передбачає роботу в дитячому садку з дітьми з обмеженими можливостями

Завдання волонтерки/волонтера:

  • Volunteer participates in the classes and help the staff (he/she helps changing children’s clothes, feeding the children or helps them eat their meals, go to the toilet)
  • There is a special kindergarten plan which educators must follow but there is also some space for their own creativity (proposing theatre instead of reading to children for example or exercising their artistic talent preparing materials and scenery for kindergarten plays and seasonal ornaments etc.).
  • Volunteer can also suggest educational group activities and/or individual work process for one child, all under supervision of an educator.

Серед переваг, що їх отримає волонтерка/волонтер, такі:

  • Volunteers can learn a lot about different methods of working with children with various disabilities.
  •  They have a chance to see therapeutic meetings, learn about adapted computer programs and didactic tools.

Проект розпочнеться 9-го жовтня і триватиме 9 місяців

Подати заявку:

Для участі у проекті необхідно заповнити аплікаційну форму ( та надіслати її разом зі своїм резюме на адресу до 13-го вересня


В литовську організацію The Duke of Edinburgh International Award шукають надзвичайно енергійних та завзятих волонтерів, які хочуть реалізувати себе у сфері неформальної освіти

Серед завдань волонтерів будуть такі:

  • We would like to have an EVS volunteer that would be willing to help us with our activities in the office and on the field
  • focusing on visiting organizations around Lithuania and promoting the program (in English)
  • helping with outdoor activities
  • hikes and building trusting relationships with the leaders and youngsters in the program

До переваг належать:

  • We are hoping that our new EVS volunteer is motivated in gaining knowledge and experience in a field of unformal education
  •  that he/she has a good level of English
  •  experience and passion in hiking is a big plus
  •  having a DofE badge would be awesome

Проект триватиме 12 місяців: з 1-го лютого 2018р. до 31-го січня 2019р.

Подати заявку:

Ваші CV та мотиваційний лист надсилайте на адресу до 10-го вересня

Підбірка EVS вакансій

До вашої уваги – підбірка свіжих EVS вакансій в Іспанії, Швеції, Італії, Франції та Словенії.


The EVS volunteer will work in Cazalla Intercultural – a nonprofit organization dedicated to the field of non-formal education and promotion of volunteering. The EVS volunteer will be helping in organizing workshops and courses for local community, organization of international days’ celebrations, leisure and educational activities for children and youth, and local projects with the objective of fighting integration difficulties of recently arrived migrants in Lorca.

Project Dates: 02/10/2017 – 02/10/2018

Application deadline : 03/09/2017

For  more information :


The projects will be located in youth clubs/community centres in Borås, Sweden. The volunteer’s main tasks will be to develop and implement activities together with young people, be part of citizen service, help with homework, take part in trips as well as trying to find new collaborations with other community centres in the city. A big part of the mission will be to find creative ways to spread information about Erasmus+ around the city as well as by using social media.

Project dates:01/02/2018 – 01/02/2019

For more information:


The ”Brandenburgische Sportjugend” (Sports Youth Brandenburg) is an independent working youth organisation in the ”Sports Federation Brandenburg”. Its members are children and teenagers, as well as, their youth representatives who are organized in more than 2.500 sporting-clubs.
The project foresees to host 1 volunteer in the Organisation´s Department of International Cooperation for 12 months. Main tasks of the volunteer are to support the co-workers of the Department, get acquainted with sport structures and EU programs and funding in international youth work; support the planning, preparation and organisation of international projects; look after young people from abroad and international guests.

Project dates : 14/06/2018 – 13/06/2019

Application deadline: 20/08/2017

For more information :


The project will take place in Torre del Greco, a context where the condition of young people faces many difficulties: poor educational and employment offers, emigration of young people, neglect of disadvantaged people, lack of political participation. Among young people, a part the political disinterest, there is poor sense of belonging that often degenerates into urban decay and vandalik acts.

On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the Erasmus + program, the project aims to disseminate volunteering as a tool for the purpose of:  increase active citizenship and the sense of European citizenship; promote a sense of belonging; instrument for social inclusion; effective tool of informal learning.

Project dates: 08/09/2017 – 07/09/2018

Application deadline : 20/08/2017

For more information :


From 2015 the Cooperative La.Co.Sa is involved in migration projects and reception for people who request international protection, in particular runs a host community and some of cohabitation accommodation for migrants in the outskirts of Mantova, which houses families with children, single women and lonely men. The project deals with the support of the aspects of the daily lives of the guests, the aim is to make them independent at different levels, promoting wellness, spread the culture of integration and sharing, and preventing, as far as possible, situations of marginalization, isolation, deviance and conflict, also supporting them in their legal path request asylum.

Project dates : 04/04/2018 – 04/12/2018

Application deadline : 20/08/2017

For more information :


Hosting organisation, Pekarna Magdalenske mreže is a non-governmental, non-profit institution, founded in 1997 as an organisation for encouraging, supporting programme and project cooperation, conducting cultural, educational, research, informative and humanitarian activities. Programme-wise the organisation works in three main areas: independent culture, youth/volunteer work and civil engagement.

Project dates: 28/02/2018 – 31/12/2018

Application deadline : 23/08/2017

For more information:


The main task of the volunteer is to work with children and teenagers during their free time in leisure center, to make activities with them and let them discover the country of the volunteer. The aim through this project is to bring openness to the people who are in contact with the EVS volunteer. In particular the activities deal with:
– Helping out the team in the leisure center, the welcoming place before and after school and the youth center.
– Organize activities with the children or youth about the country or the passion of the volunteer (cooking, relaxation, hip hop, manual activities…)
– Participate in outdoor activities with them
– Participate to all the meeting with the team
– Being involved in the life of the association

Project dates : 02/10/2017 –  31/08/2018

Application deadline : 25/08/2017

For  more information :

If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to contact us via

Common Vibes EVS blog (part 4)

Catalina and Matei are currently spending their time at the international voluntary camps, where they have opportunity to meet people from different countries and learn new things about Ukraine while working together to preserve unique culture heritage. Catalina helps to renovate the territory around the Pidkamin monastery, which situted in the Lviv region. Matei, along with other volunteers, cleans up the Jewish cemetery in Chernivtsi. Here are some impressions from our volunteers:

On the train to Chernivtsi I met this nice Ukranian couple(around 50 years old) inside my compartment who were also heading there for one night and after that they were going to Romania for a small trip. She didn’t really speak English, but they were both learning Romanian so we got to mix all 3 languages during our conversation which was interesting because we all had something new to learn. Because their hotel was on the same street as the college dormitory where I was supposed to go to, they were kind enough to take me with their taxi(and they didn’t accept my money). Once arrived at the dormitory, the lady on duty who was probably in her 60s, I was pleasantly surprised to hear her speak Romanian so we had a small chat. During the next day I got to meet the other volunteers and in the afternoon we went to the Jewish Cemetery where we are supposed to work for 2 weeks and met this really friendly German named Christian who showed us around. During the next few days we joined the other German people(which are all over 50 years old) for embellishing the graveyard by cutting some of the small trees, vines, grass etc. in order to reveal the graves. The city has a rich and interesting history and it makes me even more curious because it was part of Romania between the 2 World Wars. Looking forward to finding out more about this charming place.


In the description of the project it said that it entails hard and often monotonous work and I found this to be true once I arrived here. At the same time it is rewarding and very fun thanks to the amazing team here, the support and encouragement we give to each other makes things so much easier. But not everything is work, we took this weekend off and visited monasteries and castles in Олеська, Почаїв and Золочів, thus getting a better chance to visit the country side of Ukraine





EVS вакансія в Литві

Наші литовські партнери, ГО ESTA SALTES розшукують волонтера з України для затвердженого проекту у столиці Литви, Вільнюсі. Проект почнеться 1 вересня 2017 та триватиме 12 місяців.

Приймаюча організація – Lentvaris Open Youth Center

Завдання волонтера:

– Become a ‘’contact person’’ for young people at youth center;
– Help the youth centers taff with administration;
– Organize leisure activities for young people: workshops, music, thematic evenings, sports and outdoors activities;
– Organizing other activities and events: we have 5 traditional events every year, e.g. Street culture day, Love day, etc.the volunteer would be a member of an organizing team and a big support;
– Volunteer will have a possibility to implement his/her own ideas as well to present the country where he/she comes from (language lessons, presentation of youth popular

Більш детальна інформація про проект доступна за посиланням: EVS Open Youth Center

Подати заявку:

Відправляйте CV та мотиваційний лист на до 17 липня 2017!

При виникненні питань пишіть на



Common Vibes EVS blog (Part 2)

IMG_9586Part 2 from Matei

On the day of arrival, my first impression when the plane landed was kind of doubtful as there were just a few planes in the whole airport and not much going on (even though it’s not a small city) and the weather was pretty cold and clouded. After that, the guys from the organisation greeted me and helped me with the luggage to their car. On the way to the apartment in which I am going to spend 6 months with another volunteer from Romania, I was still a bit in shock and all I saw was communist buildings and bumpy/broken roads (which was pretty similar to Bucharest or other cities in Romania) so I thought to myself: “am I really going to make it that long in this place?”

We got to the apartment (which actually looks good, but it’s missing a few appliances and things in the kitchen needed for cooking) where I left my luggage and because I was hungry we went nearby to grab something to eat. As I had no idea about the Cyrillic alphabet, they ordered something for me (the traditional borsch, which is similar to what we have in Romania and some dumplings filled with nothing fancy) and we had a beer together. Later on, we went to a pub really close to the main square in the city center where we met another guy from this organisation. We talked for a while about this and that and after we also met with our mentor, Piotr from Poland,(mentor for me and the other volunteer from Romania) that is responsible for our good integration into the local community. Piotr and I went to the airport to pick Catalina (the other volunteer) up and went to eat something and after that he walked us home and we went to sleep (it was pretty cold in the apartment and because they told me to contact them before turning the heating system on, I didn’t sleep very well that night).

IMG_2837 IMG_2852

On the next few days we were told about what EVS is and what this organisation does and the idea as a whole about what we will do during our stay in Lviv. In the evenings we went to some English speaking clubs and a Couchsurfing meeting where we met more local people and some foreigners aswell (some of them were tourists and the others are actually living here). We had a really nice time with them so, during the weekend (when everybody was celebrating the days of Lviv) I spent a lot of time in the city center in different bars, restaurants and cafes where I met even more people and tasted some of the Ukrainian beer and coffee which Lviv is famous for and I was really impressed.


IMG_3007We also went on a city center walking tour with a German guide called Peter(Lviv Buddy) and we saw some interesting things and found out more about the history and culture of Lviv. I spent most of my time during this weekend with some Polish guys, an American, two guys from England and some locals just wandering around the city center. In the second week here, I met a Japanese guy, a Spanish guy and a German girl (who is teaching here) who introduced us to 2 of her Georgian friends. We spent a few evenings together and so I learned about other cultures as well in the meantime and of course we had a lot of fun while each of us was sharing some funny stories or interesting facts about their country.

What I really liked about this city is the street art (graffiti) and because the people are still not very accommodated with it and the local authorities are kind of against it, some of the graffiti were partially or totally erased. I might consider getting involved in this if there already is a project or organisation that wants to promote local artists who are trying to embellish the city (I will post some pictures so everybody can see the beauty of some graffiti because let’s face it, there is nothing beautiful about the Communist architecture – at least, in my opinion).

IMG_2966 IMG_3093

After the first 2 weeks, I can say that I really had a great time and I am motivated to keep going on.

P.S. The public transport is quite bad so be aware of the Marshrutkas(small yellow busses which are kind of old and crowded so you will get a lot of hugs while using them) as it can be quite an adventure to travel around the city(so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t arrive on time or if you are running late). I would suggest taking the tram if you are not in a hurry as it has more space and is safer I might say 😛 Trams run until midnight, but don’t expect to get on one after 23:30 so if you are staying until later in the city center you might consider taking the night bus which comes about every 1 hour and 20 minutes starting at midnight near to the Opera House.

Common Vibes EvS Blog (Part 1)

IMG_9329Hello everyone! I am Cătălina, a 23 years old Romanian. Why did I choose to come to Ukraine you may wonder? Hmm…..I chose Ukraine for my EVS the moment I found the „Common Vibes” project and for me it was just love at first sight. It just hit the subject I was interested in : development of community, civil society and youth related programs. Also the fact that I will have to implement a project of my own was a huge plus for me because I usually learn best by doing something myself rather than through theory or just by observing others, so I believe this will be a great experience. I applied only for this project and I was lucky enough(sooo lucky) to be accepted. Yaaay!

Although I must admit that I was really curious about the country too, even though Ukraine is our neighbour I don’t really know much about it so I thought I should change that. The ideea of coming here became more and more a must-do rather than just another option.

Of course a lot of people asked me when they heard I was coming to Ukraine if I’m not worried about the conflict going on. And I find this strange because back home I live in the south-east part of Romania, which geographically placed me a lot closer to the conflict than I am now in the city of Lviv in the western Ukraine. So needles to say, I wasn’t worried about that.

My first impression of Lviv? A-ma-zing! I come from a city that is 4 times smaller and this seems city seems really alive with lots of interesting places from markets and pubs to the creative street art. Walking around the city centre I find myself admiring not only the architecture but also the grafitti which aren’t a few. I think I might start documenting them when I’ll finish my EVS I will have dozens of photos of mostly grafitti but it will be worth it.

Без имени-1









I always liked walking around without a certain destination in my mind and sometimes I just try a different road which I’ve never been before, waiting to see where I end up. Just a few days ago I did this and by mistake I got to the highest point in Lviv in the High Castle park where you have a 360o view of the entire city. You never know what to expect while wondering around which is part of the excitement and why I like doing this.

blog 3

Also the ukrainian classes just started last week and I already discovered similar words with romanian while some of them are exactly the same, which is nice to have some familiarity when you are in a foreign country and you don’t speak the language yet. My plan is to become fluent in ukrainian by the end of my 6 months here so I’ll keep you posted about my progress, hopefully I’m not too optimistic about it and I’ll manage to do it 😀

Besides the ukrainian class I am attending english speaking club meetings every week and I get to meet different people from locals to foreigners living here or who come here on their holidays, and the one’s I’ve met so far are from England, Poland, Turkey or Japan. I will keep going to these meetings because they can be a lot of fun and later, once my vocabualry expands a bit I will try the ukrainian speaking clubs to get my conversational skills on track. Wish me luck!

I will come back with fresh info about my life here! See you later!   Па Па 😀

P.S : It rains quite a lot here so if you think about coming to Lviv make sure you have an umbrella with you because you never really know when you might need it.