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Highlights of a perfect flat mate


Journeys are made by the people you travel with

People are an essential part in our EVS journey and we will never forget about them once back home. Today we want to give a brief portrait of Andriy:  our collegue, flatmate and lastly but no least, friend!! Well known for his amazing problem solving skills and his sweetness, he soon became a Handy Manny for us.  What’s the reason behind his nick-name? Whenever there is an emergency, he will be there in perfect time and conditions.

You get blocked inside your flat? Don’t worry Handy Andriy will come in less than one hour to rescue you!  Is there a fire In the kitchen? He will wake up in the middle of his morning dreams and give support to you! You don’t know what’s the gas code of your apartment? He will answer your phone call in one second! Is there a spider in the living room? He will take his yoga mat and throw it away!

But let’s skip now to his real life job. He is working in our NGO ( Society Initiatives Institute) as a project assistant, being in charge of several tasks… better said everything! For instance he is responsible for logistics of the main events taking place in Lviv and legal issues of our organization.

He is indeed a real handyman!

He is not afraid of experiencing new tasks and going out of his comfort zone. When it comes to speak in public, he  can’t wait to show off his excellent knowledge of the English language. And he is aware of his outstanding  capabilities, as he made it clear to us since the first day:  “my English is the best in the organization”.  

He is a fundamental part in our lives and he is making our EVS full of joy, enriching us with his positive vibes.  

EQUALIZE EVS BLOG PART 3 – Ukraine and Peru : not too far apart

After spending 12 months working at a local NGO in Peru, I have decided to move to Ukraine to experience a new adventure in a context completely different from the Peruvian one. But, despite being at the  opposite side of the world, these two countries have some similarities. What a surprise! Let’s have a look at them!

# Ukrainian Mamitas

My favorite ones: elderly women selling informally their products on the streets. It’s plenty of Peruvian mamitas here in Ukraine as well. They might have different outfit but same scope and objectives:  taking care of your health and make sure you wake up with a smile every day.

#The rain

Here it comes the rain…again!! Yes, here in Lviv it rains a lot as well. There is not a fixed separation between  rainy and sunny seasons as in Peruvian Andes, but the rain is present  throughout all year long. Depending on the season,  it can take many forms, including snow, hailstorm and thick rain. It makes the way to the office a real challenge as cars and trams often  get stuck in muddy roads.

#Transportation system

Here in Ukraine the word for combi is marshrukta and they are as crazy as in Peru. With a slight little difference. Much more crowded and without traditional music (cumbia) playing all the time. You don’t know where they stop or which is their direction, but somebody will tell you, better said, will push you when it’s time to get off.


And finally, speaking about challenges, crossing railroads is one of them. Yes because it’s always a railroad that separates me from getting to the office.  This time I don’t have to be careful because of crazy combis whizzing on the street. But I have to pay attention to trains making slowly their way to the central station.



Шукаємо волонтерів на EVS проект у Словаччині
Наші партнери громадська організація People in Need Slovakia запрошує взяти участь у довготерміновому волонтерському проекті у Словаччині.
Who we are?
NGO  People in Need Slovakia which is focusing on humanitarian, development aid and social integration programs.
What is the project about?
A long-term strategec EVS project F.A.M.E. – FEELING AS A MEAN OF EDUCATION
Who are we looking for?

Volunteers, who will take part in the project will work in our community centers all around Slovakia in challenging but very enriching environment of socially-disadvantaged Roma communities.  We prefer to co-operate with open-minded, flexible and active volunteers.

What are the requirements?

We search for long term (12-months) volunteers motivated to work with children and youngsters mostly from Roma communities in our community centers all around Slovakia.
How to apply?
We are focusing on those candidates, who would be able to start within the first wave of volunteers – in June. Send us the CV and Cover letter and we will have the skype interview with the candidate.
Deadline 1.05.2018
More information about our organisation you can find here:

EqUalize EVS blog Part 2


Time relativity and loud reflections

I have been living in Ukraine for one month and it seems like it was yesterday when I got off the plane with heavy suitcases full of hope and enthusiasm. Time is strange! When you are fine and happy, time flies so fast.
My friends from Italy have been asking me how I am and the answer is always the same:“ I am adapting”. Adapting has a negative connotation for many people, but for me it hasn’t. Actually in my opinion it is a word that contains the whole essence of living in another country and embracing a different culture. Adaptation means to challenge your beliefs and accept a different mentality. It means understanding that you have to overcome your limits,like it or not.
These thoughts about time and adaptation resulted from a journey to Kiev some weeks ago. We participated in a training which was held in a resort outside the capital, in a village that I defined “Winter Wonderland” as we were surrounded by a forest full of snow.
Snow makes everything magic. It falls slowly and covers everything before you realize it. The same happens with time. When you are busy with something and you like what you are doing, you don’t realize that it’s passing by.
Time relativity has always fascinated me, and I am also fascinated by the fact that everytime I move to another country I find some similarities with other places I have been to.
I get excited about little things. For example here in Lviv I fell in love with the building in front of my flat, as it reminds me of London ( my favourite city in the world) and with some buildings near the supermarket that remind me of the residences in a seaside resort where I spend my summer holidays.
I am a “LOUD OBSERVER”, as I love the planet I am living in and I want to share this love with everyone.
Will Ukraine be able to appease this loud spirit and surprise me so much that I will savor my Lviv life silently? We will see!



EVS at Tourist Office “ Bocage Bressuirais” – SW France

The Tourist Office “Bocage Bressuirais” is a public body aiming at promoting the tourist area and the reception of tourists in the local territory. The volunteer main activities will involve:
Hosting the tourists at the Office (answer to their questions, present the territory and the possible activities);participating during the events of the territory; creating digital workshops about practical knowledge in IT, contributing to the implementation of the Tourist Office brand.

Duration:  01/09/2018 – 31/08/2019
Application deadline:27/03/2018
For more information:

EVS at the Centre Albert Schweitzer – Auberge de jeunesse
The ‘Centre International Albert Schweitzer’ is a youth hostel which organises, hosts and follows French-german and international projects. The volunteer will work in specific programs such as linguistic animation, cooperation games and thematic weeks.

Duration: 01/09/2018 – 20/08/2019
Application deadline: 31/03/2018
For more information:

EVS “Art and Music for Youth”
The volunteer will work with the Espace Jemmapes’s youth center. The volunteer will help with the reception and orientation of the public in the Paris Anim centers in link with the rehearsal studios and will provide technical support for concerts. He will organize cultural events (festival, concerts, exhibitions),artistic workshops and events about the ERASMUS + program ( EVS coffee, high schools’s projects ..)

Duration: 01/09/2018 – 31/07/2019
Application deadline: 09/04/2018
For more information:


EVS – YOUth for YOUrope
Volunteer will support international Erasmus students who are staying at the University of León. Tasks are related to the planning of booking and itinerary of the cultural trips offered to Erasmus students. The volunteer will also promote mobility programs, like Erasmus+ and others to offer more options for personal and profesional development to the young people in the city on León.

Duration: 01/09/2018 – 30/06/2019
Application deadline: 08/04/2018
For more information:

United Kingdom

Evs supporting people with disabilities in Marske, UK
Leonard Cheshire Disability is the UK’s leading charity supporting people with disability. Marske Hall is a home with nursing care providing a range of services for 30 adults with physical disabilities, located in a small seaside town – Marske-by-the-sea in North Yorkshire. Volunteers will support residents and day care users on a one-to-one basis and get actively involved in planning and delivering activities programme. The organisation’s goal is to provide disable people with the opportunity to live their lives the way they choose – with the support to live independently. Activities include arts and crafts, music, sports, theme evenings, organising fundraising events, running small projects, escorting residents in community.

Duration: 21/05/2018 – 21/05/2019
Application deadline: 04/04/2018
For more information:


Zut! is an association working with contemporary performances in Santa Clara-a-Velha, with established artists who develop their own work and work with local elder population. One volunteer will be hosted by Zut! for 7,5 months to support the association’s project developement, in close contact with the local community. The volunteer will support the production processes of performances, workshops and events.

Duration: 01/03/2019 – 14/10/2019
Application deadline: 05/04/2018
For more information:


A Copa da Vida is a non-profit-association, running an ecological community immersed in nature, a seminar-place and environmental activities, as well as providing retreat places in Vale Bacias – Alentejo. The mission is the manifestation of a sustainable, conscious and loving way of life. The volunteer will be hosted by A Copa da Vida ecological community for 12 months, near the village of Colos. We ask the volunteers to be interested in nature, community, communication and a simple and alternative lifestyle.

Duration: 15/10/2018 – 14/10/2019
Application deadline: 05/04/2018
For more information:

SRST Sociedade Recreativa S. Teotoniense is a non profit association that offers support and protection activities for children, youth and families. The association coordinates a nursery (children aged 3 to 36 months) in S. Teotónio, as well as cultural activities and a School of Music and Arts. The volunteer will be hosted by SRST for 12 months, in the village of São Teotónio. The project consists in a diverse and dynamic program of activities, in the area of expressions (dramatic, musical, body) and in the production and promotion of events, enhancing the sharing of experiences and acquisition of new competences.

Duration: 15/10/2018 – 14/10/2019
Application deadline: 05/04/2018
For more information:



EVS working with children
Insel – Haus der Jugend is a day-care centre for 5 to 15 year old children and teenagers. It provides lunch, helps with the homework under academic supervision, leisure time activities in the field of sport, creativity/art, culture and fun. The volunteer(s) will help in the organisation
in organizing play, sports and fun activities; will provide assistance to the children/youngsters with their homework; will create workshops dedicated to different topics.

Duration: 11/ 2018 – 11/ 2019
Application deadline: 02/04/2018
For more information:

EVS at the Youth Center Oberndorf
The youth centre Oberndorf  is the main meeting point in Oberndorf for the youth scene between 12 and 18 years. The young people coming to the centre are mainly from Oberndorf or neighbourhood. Target groups are beside the local youth scene especially disadvantaged and underprivileged youngsters as migrants, unemployed, and socially discriminated youngsters etc.
With a mix of activities and regular opening hours, the youth center tries to support participation within the community of Oberndorf, to improve the integration status and to give shelter and backup when necessary.

Duration: 10/09/2018 – 31/07/2019
Application deadline: 02/04/2018
For more information:


При виникненні будь-який питаннь звертайтесь на пошту


EqUalize EVS blog Part 1

Рівно 2 тижні тому команда Інстутуту Суспільних Ініціатив поповнилася 2 волонтерками з Італії, що прибули до нас аж на цілий рік по програмі EVS (Європейська Волонтерська Служба). Вже маючи значний досвід волонтерства та проживання в таких країнах, як Вели

кобританія, Австралія, Індія та Перу,  дівчата вирішили присвятити рік удосконаленню своїх професійних навичок, і для цього обрали нашу організацію 🙂 Разом з ними ми будемо розробляти ще більше освітніх проектів для молоді, приділяючу увагу такій актуальній зараз темі, як права людини.

А ще вони будуть ділитись своїми особистими враженнями від перебування у Львові у формі блогу,  тому слідкуйте за оновленнями, щоб побачити життя в Укр

аїні з іншої перспективи 😉


Caminante, no hay camino: se hace camino al andar.

Walker, there is no path, you make the path as you go.
Antonio Machado

It has been a week since my first arrival in Lviv and during this time, I have been experiencing a mix of opposing emotions. My flight lasted only two hours, but I felt like I have been thrown into the plot of one of my favorite movies, the lives of others.

The district where I am currently living, CИХІV represents my very first approach to this new city. Very old buses, long railroads, soviet style buildings, empty and sometimes muddy roads. People in here are speaking Ukrainian, and despite my basic knowledge of Russian, I feel I am a kind of a mess especially when I try to express myself at the local market.

Nevertheless, I try to make fun of these uncommon situations and places, because first and foremost, I am here to learn and share my experience with other people. And here we are. I feel I am surrounded by extremely inspiring young people who want to make an impact addressing current social challenges in Ukraine.

I don’t believe I have THE answer to the problem, but yes I can contribute to empower youth in order for them to find their own answer through concrete actions. So stay connected. Very soon this apparent emptiness will turn into real life.



My first Ukrainian week – It is a small world

My experience in Ukraine started with the discovery of the main attractions in Lviv city center.  After hardly climbing the tower of Ratusha (the city council) and reaching the top where we had an amazing view of the city, I was very surprised to come across an Ukrainian girl at the Turistic In

formation Office that has a relative living in my little (unknown) town in Italy near Venice. It’s a small world! J
At first sight Lviv city center seems very similar to any other European city. Only when you experience the way public transports work, you immediately realize that Ukraine is a different story.
I will not describe any further the time our tram was stuck in the middle of the street for  15-20 minutes
( and people started shouting at the driver), but the ticket checking system worth a mention.
To check your ticket, there is a very atypical way of manually pulling a crank handle; if you get on the tram late and you are very far from the tram driver, you just pass the money to the person in front of you and you will receive your ticket staying comfortable on your seat. Italians should learn from Ukrainians how to trust people J

Going shopping at the Narodnii Market is another  highlight of the week. My colleague Marta and I spent 20 minutes trying to explain in Russian/English to an Ukrainian old lady that we need salt for the pasta.  A situation I will never forget!

And speaking about food…  You know that Italians usually are very skeptical about food outside their mothercountry. Well, I was very surprised to see that I like borsch and Ukrainian dishes are very good! ( I did not have any expectations, but realizing that I like them made me happy.)

Last but not least, I was very pleased to see a lot of children around the district where I live, Sikhiv. In this area there are a lot of parks where children can play or have a walk with their parents. Meeting a lot of grandparents taking around their grandchildren reminded me of my childhood strolling around with my grandparents in Italy. I could see so much attention in Ukrainians’ way of taking care of their little ones.
Therefore, I can say that Ukraine and Italy are very close in some ways. I am very curious to see how my Ukrainian life will be in the next months. As of now: Yes, it is a small world!








EVS vacancies

Розпочинайте лютий правильно: готуйте свої резюме, пишіть мотиваційні листи, заповнюйте аплікаційні форми, подавайте заявки на EVS проекти і вирушайте досліджувати простори Португалії, Чехії, Косово чи Данії 🙂


Spin association

Associação Spin para o Intercâmbio, Formação e Cooperação entre os Povos («Spin Association for Exchange, Training and Cooperation among Peoples») is a non-profit nationwide association, whose primary aim is to organize, promote and implement cultural activities, training courses, intercultural exchanges and international cooperation. Its headquarters is located in Bairro Padre Cruz – Lisbon, Portugal.

More information is here: Spin association 

Duration: 01.06.2018 – 28.02.2019

Application deadline: 10.02.2018


Lata – centre of leisure time

Lata is workplace of Luzanky–centre of leisure time.
Basic facts about Lata:

– the core of our work is offer of physical exercises, art activities, psychomotoric trainings and development of speech and social contacts in 56 hobby clubs for parents with children from the age of 6 months

– we offer exercises for babies from 6 weeks to 6 months
– we offer sport activities for older kids (judo for 5-10 years old, sport activities for 3-5 years old and 5-7 years old)
– we offer art activities, ceramic courses and craft courses for pre-schoolers and school kids
– we run tourist clubs for pre-schoolers and school children


More information is here: Lata – centre of leisure time

Duration: 01.10.2018 – 30.09.2019

Application deadline: 15.02.2018


Sharr Volunteers

National Park Sharr mountain is rich of waters, herbs, butterflies. Bears and wolves roam through endemic Balkan forests of Bosnian and Macedonian pines. GAIA has been organizing volunteer exchanges in Sharr since 2015.

The EVS project aims at encouraging nature conservation activities, learning from local people, voicing concerns about the future of Sharr. It will establish volunteer biodiversity monitoring. Volunteers will organize clean-up actions, educational workshops, participate in the planing of BREfest 2018 (small nature gathering in Brezovica).

More information is here: Sharr Volunteers

Duration: 01.04.2018 – 30.09.2018

Application deadline: 18.02.2018


AFS Interkultur

The volunteer will be part of the Administration and Service team in the office which consists of six staff members.
He/she will also be a member of the volunteer committee which is in charge of planning and implementing of camps for AFS school program participants, conducting information meetings for potential applicants, organizing presentations at educational institutions, etc.
He/she will job-shadow both key staff members and volunteers to get an in-depth understanding of the way AFS Interkultur is organizing its activities in Denmark.

More information is here: AFS Interkultur

Duration: 01.09.2018 – 31.08.2019

Application deadline: 20.02.2018

При подачі заявки на EVS проекти радимо зазначати, що у вас вже є Sending Organisation, та вказувати такі дані:

Sending organisation: NGO “SOCIETY INITIATIVES INSTITUTE” (Lviv, Ukraine)
Address: Apt. 8, 56 Hnata Khotkevycha St., Lviv, Ukraine, 79070
Phone: +380 93 347 30 79
Contact Person: Anna Lepska, EVS coordinator,
EVS accreditation: Sending and hosting organisation.
PIC: 946996936.
Accreditation number (EI-Number): 2015-1-PL01-KA110-023294.
NGO at database of EVS-accredited organisations:

У разі виникнення будь-яких запитань, пишіть на скриньку


Найбільша пригода мого життя!

Привіт усім! Вітання з серця Німеччини, а саме з Геттінгену!

Мій волонтерський рік вже перейшов екватор, тому хотілось б поділитись з вами враженнями і підвести підсумки. Місто Геттінген має славу університетського, та й не дарма. Тут справді безліч студентів, і всюди на велосипедах. Аж любо глянути. Майже, як у рідному Франківську.

Працюю я у всесвітній християнській організації, під назвою YMCA, а конкретніше, у проекті так зв. «групи продовженого дня». Робочий день розпочинаєтся об 11 годині, триває десь до 4-5 вечора. Домашні завдання, обід, ігри, воркшопи і т.д. – це все входить в мої обов’язки. Один раз на тиждень я працюю також у школі з «дітьми» 9 класу. Це вже щось зовсім інше, вчимо їх ми на теорії і практиці, як поводитись з дітьми граючи. Це вже вважається освітою. Що ще цікавого – літні і зимові табори для дітей, восени також і для підлітків. Це справді приносить задоволення, оскільки ти маєш власний простір для креативу, і виходить  це все вкінці досить колоритно. Я теж мала нагоду розповісти про нашу країну, частувала також борщем і варениками, що німцям особливо припало до душі.

Влітку працювала кілька тижнів у Віттенберзі, в рамках святкування 500-річчя Реформації. Це був так званий Рефобіч, де кожен міг безкоштовно пригоститися лимонадом, щось почерпнути для себе та й просто гарно провести час. Також один раз в місяць ми проводимо ночівлю  разом з дітьми, що включає квести нічним містом, вечори з фільмами за непогоди і безліч ігор. Це справді особливий час, оскільки дозволяє нам зблизитись і бути однією великою сім’єю.

Щодо самої Німеччини і німців. Попри всі мої стереотипи і не тільки,  мені справді пощастило. Відчуваю себе справді як вдома. Головне, щоб все, що б не робилось, має бути без напрягів. Це одна з багатьох речей, яких я швидко навчилась. Було приємно, коли тебе в перший тиждень твого приїзду твій шеф запрошує додому на вечірку. Зразу розумієш, що потрапив у правильне місце. До речі, вечірки. Їх влаштовують на будь-який смак (наприклад, часникова вечірка) і привід. Головне правило – принести щось з собою. Як правило, алкоголь або закуски. Починають пити німці ще з п’ятниці, коли йдеться про вихідні. Але вже в неділю ти не зустрінеш німця в барі (хоч є і винятки), оскільки завтра на роботу.

Під час проекту з*являється спраді дуже багато часу для: подорожей, хобі, нових знайомств, читання врешті-решт. Все це вдається поєднувати і виходить ось таке собі життя в кайф. Якось говорю своєму другу: «Знаєш, я взагалі вдома не ночую, на вихідних я в Касселі, потім їду на семінар у Гамбург, на наступні вихідні ми з дітьми влаштовуєм вечірку, а потім ще у Венецію хотілось б полетіти». Насправді, ти своє життя не впізнаєш, бо розумієш, що маєш неймовірний час, тому хочеться його на всі сто проживати. Бо ж молодість, бо ти починаєш нарешті розуміти, для чого справді варто жити.  Починаєш врешті-решт розуміти себе і свої бажання. А це, вважаю, найголовніше. Я, наприклад, почала знову малювати, з’явилось натхнення спробувати себе у театрі, відвідала кілька країн Європи і на моїй власноруч намальованій карті що в моїй кімнаті, позначені друзі майже з цілого світу.

Дякую за цю можливість Erasmus+ і собі за те, що наважилася на найбільшу пригоду свого життя! Бажаю кожному пережити це хоча б раз в житті, адже волонтерство – це час, коли ти не тільки віддаєш себе для служіння, але найперше вчишся, розвиваєшся і ростеш.

Олеся Солован, EVS волонтерка в організації “YMCA”

Добірка EVS вакансій

Волонтерство на волонтерському поприщі у Франції, праця з дітлахами у естонському дитячому садочку, підкорення цілин Фінляндії та занурення в литовську шкільну атмосферу – підготували для вас чотири неймовірні EVS вакансії! Дедлайни вже близько, однак часу на написання ідеального мотиваційного листа має вистачити 🙂


Volunteer for Volunteering!

The aim of this project is to promote volunteering in the region of Auvergne and to help Concordia with its international activities. The volunteer will work together with another French volunteer and will become a part of our friendly team.

In particular, the tasks will be the following:
– To develop community life and promote Concordia Auvergne’s activities on the regional level (media communication, newsletter, forums, coferences, presentations);
– To contribute to projects under Erasmus + (Youth Exchanges, Training Courses, EVS);
– To participate in work camps season in summer (help with preparation and co-lead a camp)

Project dates: 01/10/2018 – 31/08/2019

More info is here: Volunteer for Volunteering!

Application deadline: 29.01.2018



Adventure in kindergarten

Kindergarten Mesimumm is looking for a volunteer to come to come to Estonia, play with children, assist teachers, participate in kindergarten activities, help us organise events for children, parents or teachers. Kindergarten Mesimumm is flexible with the tasks – we will let the volunteer choose what type of work-group he/she will want to participate. Kindergarten wants to give opportunities for a volunteer to use all his/her skills, knowledge etc.

Project dates: 01/09/2018 to 30/06/2019

More info is here: Adventure in kindergarten

Application deadline: 31.01.2018



Youth Archipelago Project

The main goal of this project is to connect the Alanders youth with other people from different cultures and backgrounds, while we are developing youth projects to increase their social life but also to give them the opportunity to share with foreigners their personal life experiences as a youth in the Archipelago. While the EVS will be in Aland, we will give them the opportunity to develop their ideas and projects. It is essential to have and learn from new perspectives, but also it would be great for them to get to know the unique lifestyle in the Archipelago.

Project dates: A total of 52 week(s) during the period May 2018 to Jul 2019

More info is here: Youth Archipelago Project

Application deadline: 04.02.2018



Kaunas “Vyturys” gymnasium

Kaunas “Vyturys” gymnasium has experience in receiving foreign students and volunteers.Students will be happy to communicate with a person from another country while teachers will be able to share their experience. The volunteer would bring new ideas and become an example of volunteering for students. Kaunas “Vyturys” gymnasium is attended by students from 6 to 18 years. The volunteer will be able to join different cultural events and activities (music, sports, educational) and assist teachers in organizing them, he/she will also help teachers of different subjects to integrate volunteer experience in class

Project dates:  01/10/2018 – 30/04/2019

More info is here: Kaunas “Vyturys” gymnasium

Application deadline: 05.02.2018


При подачі заявки на EVS проекти радимо зазначати, що у вас вже є Sending Organisation, та вказувати такі дані:

Sending organisation: NGO “SOCIETY INITIATIVES INSTITUTE” (Lviv, Ukraine)
Address: Apt. 8, 56 Hnata Khotkevycha St., Lviv, Ukraine, 79070
Phone: +380 93 347 30 79
Contact Person: Anna Lepska, EVS coordinator,
EVS accreditation: Sending and hosting organisation.
PIC: 946996936.
Accreditation number (EI-Number): 2015-1-PL01-KA110-023294.
NGO at database of EVS-accredited organisations:

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EVS вакансії

А ми продовдуємо тішити Вас найкращими EVS проектами, тож підготували для вас низку вакансій, що передбачають роботу з молоддю у Фінляндії, Хорватії, Чехії, Франції та Іспанії.


Konnevesi 4H Association

Konnevesi 4H Association offers free-time activities, clubs, trainings, work, entrepreneurship, internationality and trips for young people aged 6-28. The volunteer will be working with subjects mentioned above, for example with youngsters in the local youth center. The volunteer can also can have his/her own club with themes of internationality and multiculturalism (or something else fitted the volunteer’s own interests) for youngsters.The volunteers will also make posters and plan events/activities in the office of Konnevesi 4H Association.

More info: Volunteer for 4H Association in Konnevesi

Application deadline: 18.01.2018



Community Link

This a long-term EVS project that will take place in Karlovac (Croatia). It is related with our program Youth Centre. Youth Centre is a place of non-formal education and leisure activities for young people. We organise there various activities – art and creative workshops, art exhibitions, IT workshops, foreign languages lessons, social and pedagogical workshops, information activities. This project is focused on the promotion of these activities and implementation of similar activities.

More info: Community Link

Application deadline: 19.01.2018




The volunteers can participate in the following activities:

  • Propagate the ideas of European awareness to youth of Nachod´s region and the Czech-Polish frontier area, with accent on Youth in Action and the Eurodesk database
  • Organising projects under the Youth in Action programme for secondary schools students in Nachod
  • Building websites about European programmes for youth – in English and German
  • Workshops for dance, ceramics, language, art and music, climbing, canoeing, jugglery, sport shooting and other non-formal activities
  • Help with preparing and organising leisure events, summer camps, etc

More info: Nachod

Application deadline: 19.01.2018



Social Center – Ulamir du Goyen

The project and activities of the volunteer:

  • help to organise the daily programm of the social center
  • co-animate with professionnal teamers some sport, cultural and artistic activities
  • participate in some keys events of the Social Center (celebrations, traditional games afternoon,
  • support young people to build their own solidarity projects, initiate some intercultural projects…)
  • suggest some activities
  • take part on the common activities organised every thursdays – together with the 4 other volunteers to implement projects

More info: Volunteering in a Social Center – Ulamir du Goyen

Application deadline: 19.01.2018



ETL Don Bosco

The main objetive to host an european volunteer is to promote the knowledge of Europe and of the programmes offered for youth, between youngsters from Santiago, in particular, and from Galicia in general. Since our center is a center for and by youth, where youngsters are participants and volunteers at the same time, the participation of one young european volunteer it will help to a bigger diversity and richness of the activities offered.

More info: ETL Don Bosco

Application deadline: 29.01.2018


При подачі заявки на EVS проекти радимо зазначати, що у вас вже є Sending Organisation, та вказувати такі дані:

Sending organisation: NGO “SOCIETY INITIATIVES INSTITUTE” (Lviv, Ukraine)
Address: Apt. 8, 56 Hnata Khotkevycha St., Lviv, Ukraine, 79070
Phone: +380 93 347 30 79
Contact Person: Anna Lepska, EVS coordinator,
EVS accreditation: Sending and hosting organisation.
PIC: 946996936.
Accreditation number (EI-Number): 2015-1-PL01-KA110-023294.
NGO at database of EVS-accredited organisations:

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