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February monthly resume – Лютий щомісячне резюме

From February we decide to write a monthly resume about our volunteers’ activities in the local area, to have a general view of our service, but also to inform you all and keep you updated about what we do.

So, in the month of February, our group of ESC volunteers went on with the activities they have been doing for a while already. 

Such activities include holding a French class in the KMDSH school, a Spanish club in the school Shkola-Sadok “Sofiya”, and different workshops in “Ekoland” school, all situated in the district of Sykhiv in Lviv.

Also, they have started holding an English club every Friday for the children belonging to large families in library #33 in the district of Sykhiv. So, we try to give the opportunity for them, first to interact with an international group of people, and then to use and improve an important tool for their future – the English language.

As well the volunteers went into Oriana school, to make a short workshop on human rights to the students, make them approach such an important subject.

We hope next months will be full of other different activities. Stay tuned to our webpage and our Facebook page for more updates about events and activities.


З лютого ми вирішили щомісяця писати резюме про діяльність наших волонтерів, щоб ви мали загальне уявлення про нашу місію та діяльність.

Так, у лютому місяці наша група волонтерів ESC продовжила свою діяльність. 

Такі заходи включають: проведення “Клубу Франції” в школі КМДШ, іспанського клубу в Школі-Садок «Софія» та різні майстер-класи в школі «Еколенд», які розташовані в районі Сихова у Львові.

Крім того, щоп’ятниці наші волонтери розпочали проводити англійський клуб для дітей, які належать до багатодітних сімей, у бібліотеці № 33 району Сихова. Отже, ми намагаємось дати їм можливість спочатку взаємодіяти з міжнародною групою людей, а потім використовувати та вдосконалювати важливий інструмент для свого майбутнього – англійську мову.

Крім того, волонтери пішли в школу Оріани, щоб зробити короткий семінар з прав людини для учнів та поділитись знаннями з цього предмету.

Ми сподіваємось, що наступні місяці будуть сповнені інших різних заходів. Слідкуйте за нашою веб-сторінкою та нашою Facebook-сторінкою, щоб отримати більше інформації про події та заходи.


Hey everyone! Our polish partner “Inni association” is searching for 4 participants to join in a European Solidarity Corps project.

Here you can find some information.

If you are interested, please remember first to send your CV to the mail


“Inni association” is an organization from Poland (near Katowice) that works in the area of local cultural animation, managing local cultural center with a lot of activities for kids, families, adults, connecting with alternative cinema, organizing several film festivals and regular movie presentations. Also, they organize concerts and outdoor music festivals.

The project itself will take place in the period from May 2020 to April 2021 (12 months), and it will be about cultural animation (movie & cinema, music, and dance, cultural animation and work in the local community).

The deadline for applying is the 1st of April.


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Hello everyone! Our Italian association partner “ALA Associazione Liberi Artigiani” is searching for participants to join in a European Solidarity Corps project!

Here you can find the main information about this experience.

If you are interested, please remember first to send you CV, specifying in which project you are interested in, to the mail


Project duration: 8 months, starting from April 2020

Project topics: reinforce the spirit of local solidarity, encourage the opening of the community towards knowledge and cultural and intercultural exchange and bring young people closer to volunteering activities

Volunteer profile: 4 positions are available. The volunteers have to be flexible and capable to follow the association in the different aspects of their own activities. Each volunteer will be followed during the first part of permanence to develop personal skills and competences with an educational approach base on non-formal education

The application deadline is February 21th, 2020

For more information, please ask to have the info pack.


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Hey everyone! Our German partner “Die VILLA” is searching for participants to join in European Solidarity Corps projects.

Here you can find the opportunities, with the main information and the requirements.

If you are interested, please remember first to send you CV, specifying in which project you are interested in, to the mail


ESC in Media laboratory in Social Culture Centre »Die VILLA« (one place)

Project dates: September 1st, 2020 – August 31th, 2021 (12 months)

Project topics: one ESC place: media laboratory (work with children and youth within media pedagogical projects, the assistance of preparation, process, and follow-up of courses and workshops)

Volunteer profile: age 18-30 years/language: basic German knowledge is required (A2 / B1) / interest in working with children and youth/active and interested in social and cultural work/interest in media and media technics

The application deadline is February 11th, 2020


ESC in Social Culture Centre »Die VILLA« (one place)

Project dates: September 1st, 2020 – August 31th, 2021 (12 months)

Project topics: one ESC place

Volunteer profile: age 18-30 years/language: basic German knowledge is required (A2 / B1) / interest in working with children and youth/ active and interested in social and cultural work/interest in media and media technics

The application deadline is February 11th, 2020


ESC – international youth work: »Kindervereinigung Leipzig« (one place)

Project dates: September 1st, 2020 – August 31th, 2021 (12 months)

Project topics: international youth work (support and take part in international youth projects), youth work like creative games and sportive activities, cultural youth education

Volunteer profile: age 18-30 years/languages: basic German knowledge is requested (A2 / B1), good English knowledge/interest in social and cultural work / some practical experience in the work with children and youths is welcome

The application deadline for the ESC projects is February 11th, 2020


ESC – open youth club Rabet (one place)

Project dates: September 1st, 2020 – August 31th, 2021 (12 months)

Project topics: afternoon activities with kids and youth (age: 10 to 18 years; sports, music, games…), creative activities

Volunteer profile: open-mindedness for all religions and social backgrounds, interest in working with youths and some practical experience in this field, assertiveness, friendliness, and humor, German knowledge is needed

The application deadline is February 7th, 2020


ESC – cultural youth work: »Kinder- und Jugendkulturwerkstatt JuKuWe« (one place)

Project dates: September 1st, 2020 – August 31th, 2021 (12 months).

Project topics: artistic youth work (theatre, ceramics, art, literature, pottery, drawing, photography), leisure time activities with children and youth, creativity and culture, pedagogy

Volunteer profile: age 18-25 years/language: basic German knowledge is a plus/interest in our social and cultural work/some practical experience in the work with children and youths is welcome

The application deadline is February 4th, 2020


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Home feelings – Paul Lorentz

Diving into a new culture is, no matter what, always a challenging experience. Being constantly mindful about how to react to a specific situation, about which words to use, and how a certain communication, verbal or not, will be perceived. And no matter how much attention you pay, you will always find yourself in situations of mutual incomprehension.

At first, while discovering a new environment, you can feel that it is very similar to your usual surroundings, especially in a place like Lviv, with such a European feeling. First, because you will look around for places you’re yourself accustomed to and you feel comfortable around. My first instinct coming here, after taking a superficial tour of the city, was to look for coffee places to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon reading a book, and of course, I focused on looking for the ones that had similar vibes to the ones I was used to backing in France.

Second, because, mostly, the people you will get acquainted with are the one with whom the communication is the easiest, meaning that globalist, English speaking community that remains relatively constant no matter where you go (Hey, G. Debord, I definitely agree about this society that is no longer a geographical place).

So of course, for the first times, you’ll find a lot of similarities with home, you won’t get evicted from your comfort bubble, because you will struggle to reinforce that bubble as much as possible, not because you don’t want, or don’t try, to get out, but because you will apply several layers of ‘home’ painting to your environment.

But as always with the paint, the older it gets, the more cracks start to appear.

What you first considered as peripherical differences start to appear as symptoms of more profound differences, and simple habits, on which you relied as comfortable anchors of stability, cannot be met anymore. You cannot be astonished by the surprisingly adequate yet unusual answer of a kid passing by to his mother, because you cannot understand what he said. Merely walking in the streets remind you every day, every minute, that you are only a stranger here.

You cannot exchange with the homeless guy that comes to ask you a cigarette, it has become a simple yes or no situation. People will start exhibiting you as their foreign friend, simply because you are ‘so French’. You cannot have a cold coffee (Freddo espressos I miss you very much my dears), because none sells some (also, it’s Ukraine in autumn, who the hell would like to have a cold coffee by -2°C?).

Going for shopping quickly becomes a nightmare, as you cannot read the labels, which are in Cyrillic. If you want to get some vegetables and weight them, you have to go back and forth several times to remember the bare shape of the letters.

You want to understand your environment, and you can come up with the craziest theories to explain the most benign things. One perfect example would be the doors. In France, bedrooms’ doors or homes’, always open towards the interior. In Ukraine, they always open towards the exterior. As anecdotic as it can seem, I actually wondered (and still do) the reason behind that.

I remember the visit of a fortified castle, where they explained that the door was opening towards the exterior so that trespassers or attackers would actually be in a difficult situation when trying to enter, having to deal with the door being in the way of at least one of their hands. Do Ukraine doors opening every time towards the exterior reflect lancinating fear of intruders, defiance towards people entering your house? If so, why? Because of successive invasions? Of the history of authoritarian political regimes? (A.k.a ‘the door theory’). It is incredibly interesting to be periodically spiraling into that kind of questions, as you are constantly challenged to question your environment and find solutions to problematics you would never have imagined having to face before, but also incredibly exhausting.

But in the end, I think I love having to question everything I thought I knew or considered an immovable constant of my reality.


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The most enriching experiences come from the people you meet – Sarah Azevedo

Traveling abroad can enrich someone in a thousand ways. We can learn a new language, work in different domains we’ve never tried before, discover need food and more globally a new culture. But to me, the most enriching experiences come from the people you meet. This week, I had the chance to meet so many new people who made me grow emotionally and humanly.

When you do an ESC project, on-arrival training is organized for the volunteers of one or several countries. Created by the SALTO organization, my on-arrival training happened in Lviv between the 9 and 13 of November in the Patriarshyi hotel. We were 25 volunteers coming from Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldavia, all staying in the same place, spending our days together as part of a formation on different subjects: team-building, the development of our personal projects, project management, how to handle conflicts…Sharing experience as intense as this one with people participating in the same kind of projects as you, living the same thing, creates immediate and strong bonds.

Through this training week, I met people from many different countries: the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Luxembourg, and many French people. I was pretty amazed by the number of French et German people but considering this is a European project it made sense that these two nationalities were the most represented. 

To be perfectly honest this isn’t the training that brought us closer together. Yes, making activities together, mostly in small groups changing regularly allowed us to get to know each other better and to be more comfortable with one another. But the activities that most brought us together were to evenings we spent out in the city center of Lviv. Beyond allowing us to discover original bars or restaurants, it allowed getting to know each other in a more informal way. Drinking a beer in the bar where the inventor of BDSM was born or in one held by Ukrainian nationalists asking for a password to get into the location, we share moments of happiness and laughing, only thinking of having fun and enjoying those moments together.

Some mornings were more difficult than others, especially at the end of the week, but we were all enjoying it and being able to create bond through it. We had the chance to spend an afternoon in the city center on Tuesday. Walking in the street, climbing up the city hall tower to admire the landscape, discovering a nice café hiding in a narrow street, eating in a restaurant altogether… 

Because they wanted to extend the pleasure, some volunteers from Moldavia decided to stay a little bit longer and booked an Airbnb. We all went out again, spending the afternoon in the Cat Café where we had to chance to enjoy a nice hot drink surrounded by cute cats. The last evening, we were supposed to go to a football game (Ukraine VS Denmark). Sadly because of poor time-management skills and uber issues we didn’t make it in time for the game. We stayed in a mall, we ate in a Georgian restaurant, then we had to say goodbye. Goodbye because through this experience I became intimately convinced I created friendships that will last in time. We all said it several times during the training, how happy we were to be able to create a group of friends so easily, to have the same idea of what it meant to do such a trip and that will to discover, share, travel and meet new people.

We all hope we will all see each other again during the mid-term. I know some volunteers plan on coming back to Lviv in the next months, and I decided I would go to Odesa and Chisinau to visit and spend time with them. I also know that if one day I decide to join them in any place of the world, I would only need a phone call for them to welcome me, the same way I would welcome them anywhere I am, either it is in Lviv or in France.

Beyond that, day-by-day life here is full of meetings. I discover so many new people, all ready to organize events with us, volunteers. We also get stopped a lot in the street by people hearing us speak English. They want to know where we come from, why we are in Lviv, how long we are staying. The secret is to not be afraid of going toward others. Accepting to go out when you are proposed activities, even if they sometimes are original. Not hesitate to send a message to that person who told us that they “would love to grab coffee with you sometimes”. Sometimes, they say it to be polite, but they can also really mean it and insisting to see them can lead to real friendships.

I realize how lucky I am to have the opportunity to meet people from diverse horizons, so open-minded with the same will to discover and share. I can’t wait to share new moments with them and to know who I am going to meet in the next months and see where it will lead me in the next years.

European Solidarity Corps – Бути волонтером

Чули про ESC (European Solidarity Corps), але завжди турбувала думка про те, що ж вас насправді там чекає? 

Саме тому презентуємо вам статтю нашого волотера, який працював в Литві, та опис його досвіду під час проекту. 

                  Бути  волонтером 

Закінчивши свій останній рік навчання в університеті, я опинився в періоді роздумів: а що робити далі? Куди піти? Яка перспектива?  

   Тоді я зрозумів, що хочу зробити щось корисне і для себе, і для іншої людини. Отже, я вирішив, що хочу спробувати волонтерську діяльність.   Вирішивши, що хочу працювати у соціальній сфері, а саме з молоддю та дітьми, я почав шукати можливості на сайтах, які мені порекомендував мій брат та ті, що й сам знав. Коли я подав кілька заявок, отримував відмови, або взагалі жодної відповіді не приходило і настав час розчарувань. Проте, я все ще мав надію, і таки отримав відповіді від двох організацій, які захотіли залучити мене до своєї волонтерської діяльності. І, пройшовши успішно скайп співбесіди, я обрав найкращий для себе проект… і вирушив в Литву. 

    Приїхавши до нової країни, я не мав уявлення про складність мови та деяких інших речей, але це була можливість вчитися, набиратись досвіду та зростати як особистість – а це для  мене було найважливішим. Це була можливість відокремити себе від інших, побачити свої сильні та слабкі сторони, і, звісно ж, працювати над цим. З іншого боку, я отримав нагоду бути прикладом для інших волонтерів та, зокрема, для дітей, з якими я працював; адже вирішення проблем і робота над чимось зближує і допомагає побудувати дружні відносини. Також, я б хотів згадати таку просту річ, що має назву “здатність робити помилки” – тому що успіх  складається саме з них. Краще зробити помилку, ніж не робити нічого, і, в результаті, нічого не вивчити. Іноді ваша помилка – найбільша можливість для вас, тому що це цінний досвід, з якого ви можете повчитись. І, нарешті, друга опція, яка допоможе вам під час проекту – це можливість вирішувати проблеми тут і зараз. Не зважайте на те, у якій халепі ви опинились, лише шукайте відповіді та інструменти на заміну, аби якомога швидше знайти рішення та стати сильнішим.  

Дуже важко втиснути в словах цей досвід (саме тому я запрошую вас спробувати). Відчувши інтенсивність цього проекту, я розумію, що зараз живу життям вдвічі швидше: я подорожую, кидаю виклики для себе та все більше зростаю як особистість.  

      Для мене це – найкраща частина мого життєвого  досвіду; тепер я знаю людей з усього світу і це дійсно стимулює рости. Це будування довіри та дружби. Також, це неймовірні відчуття, коли ви зможете потрапити на тренування з абсолютно незнайомими людьми і уже після 4-ох днів почуватиметесь, мов би сім’я. Ви не зможете зрозуміти, як і коли з’явився цей дружній зв’язок між вами;  тому, я просто скажу, що я вдячний кожній новій людині в моєму житті і заохочую вас спробувати та відчути ці емоції.

    Стосовно мого проекту: мені дуже подобалася моя робота навіть тоді, коли (іноді) вона була складною. Проте, я багато чого навчився від своїх особливих дітей. Я відчував справжню любов, яку вони поділяли зі мною. Тому, знати, що я комусь допоміг – це найкраще відчуття у світі. 

   Підсумовуючи, я б сказав, що ESC принесе вам багато можливостей, хороших емоцій, друзів та дивовижних майбутніх спогадів. 

   P.S Не забувайте бути добрим без будь-якої користі. Будьте приємні до інших людей, показуйте їм повагу та допомагайте їм якомога більше, і одного дня вам відплатиться в стократ. 


Наші партнери громадська організація AIDE association запрошує взяти участь у довготерміновому волонтерському проекті у Румунії “NON FORMAL enlights RURAL”, що відбуватиметься від 15.07.2019  та триватиме до 11.01.2020.

Детальніша інформація англійською мовою нижче.

About the organization:

AIDE association is an youth organization from Ramnicu Valcea, Romania, it was founded in 2016 by a group of youth determined to make a positive change in community through European projects of volunteering.

What is the project about?

NON FORMAL enlights RURAL – project that aims at developing intercultural skills for the 6 six volunteers from Greece, Ukraine and Austria during 6 (six) months through educational non formal activities aiming at improving communication in English of students from rural areas of Valcea county.

What are the activities?

  • Non-formal activities of developing communication in English and entrepreneurial behavior for children from rural area of Valcea county;
  • Media activities (publishing the pictures from the activities with description of the activities);
  • Intercultural workshops about each country;
  • Campaigns about the European projects in the high-schools from Valcea county;
  • Making new youth programs in community aside the local volunteers and youth workers;
  • Supporting the organization in implementing the projects approved, IT support by promoting the web page of the NGO , social support by making a blog with their opinion about Romania and the life in Ramnicu Valcea, a hashtag of the project with photos and videos from activities and their free time;
  • Active participation in local community regarding sport, arts and social networking for local young people;
  • Workshops of informing young people about European mobilities especially EVS stages.

What about the costs?
The participation in the project is free of charge. The costs for accommodation and travel are covered by Erasmus+ program; the volunteers will receive money for food and pocket money. Accommodation will be provided in apartments with separate rooms in the little Ramnicu Valcea city, surrounded by mountains.

How to apply?
Please, send us the CV and Cover letter to 

Deadline 10.05.2019

More information about the organisation you can find here:

Final Thoughts

“And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”  – Murakami


When something comes to an end, we often struggle to find the meaning of what has just happened. Precisely, how we got into it, what was our motivation and expectations, which challenges we had to face and where they have led us. And most and foremost, how much pain and joy at the same time this experience has brought to our hearts and why.

So for me, this time spent in Ukraine was like getting pregnant without searching for it. It happened, and it meant to me a lot of struggle and acceptance. Of myself and the things I was not be able to change. Despite all of my efforts.

During this long journey, I have met on my way a bunch of diverse people. Sometimes extremely deep and thoughtful, sometimes completely crazy, sometimes rude and arrogant, sometimes cold and distant, sometimes simply lovely and caring.

And this is precisely what this journey has meant to me. People.

As all the persons we encounter on our life path do often represent a mirror, when we look into and discover more about ourselves. And I have seen myself in so many different ways through their eyes. I have realized my limitations. And starting from there, I have learnt how to rely on my strengths and appreciate my inner beauty.

Confronting with a foreign and extremely different culture, has been for me a precious gift and opportunity to reborn again. I have much more clear what are my goals, what I really like about people, what it is my purpose and how I can achieve it. I can say for sure I am not the same person who arrived at Sykhiv on a silent and freezing morning. In the middle of a winter storm.


And this is precisely what our journey and in particular my journey has been all about.



Equalize: Youth Peace and Security

“Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed.” (Preamble of UNESCO Constitution, 1945)

This was the first thing that came to my mind when I decided to design a project on the role of young people in the peacebuilding processes. Everything begins in our minds and our thoughts create the reality we are living in.

When people ask me what I like most about Ukraine I always reply that I am happily amazed by the activism of young people and their will to improve the society. In the last 8 months I met several representatives of youth-led organizations and their commitment to create positive change in Lviv made me feel optimistic that good things are going to happen. However, they are often not recognized and their voice is not heard at the high-level tables.
For this purpose the United Nations Resolution 2250 has been created: to encourage UN member states to acknowledge youth contribution in the creation of peace and give them a greater voice in the decision-making.

The Youth Peace and Security Initiative that I coordinated aimed at raising awareness about this important resolution among young students in the 3 main universities in Lviv and involved them into discussions around 3 main topics:

– Youth Peace and Security as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
– Women Peace and Security
– Preventing Violent Extremism

The Initiative ended with the final event “ Youth Talks”, where young leaders shared their experience and showed that youth have the right to represent their concerns about peace and security.

Working for the Youth Peace and Security Initiative is one of the highlights of the year, and  a great personal achievement. The process for the realization of the full project has been challenging  but has been important for the professional growth I was aiming for.
I have learnt that not everything is under my control and that sometimes I have to let things go. I have learnt to believe in myself and that my skills go beyond what I thought.
But above all, I have learnt that when I feel like giving up  that is the time to keep going. Even if you are scared of the obstacles you could encouter in the path, keep in mind that you have to reach the top of the mountain,no matter what. Wear good shoes and  climb!