Almost 3 weeks in Lviv, and I still don’t believe it. I’m meeting so many amazing people, so many different places that I never want to end. Last Friday, November 29, with the help of co-workers especially from Katia, I was able to experience my first approach to Ukrainian culture. We prepare dinner with two typical dishes of the country; Borscht and Vanerykys. First, we went to buy the necessary ingredients with Katia and then we learned how both dishes are made, it was really fun and enriching. We spent an hour doing the Vanerykys together and in 5 minutes we had finished with the whole dinner. It was an amazing and special night for me. Thanks to everyone who shared it with me.

The rest of the weekend was quite complete too. On Saturday we enjoyed several live concerts at an event organized by Solia and in a cafe, a really cozy atmosphere, where even Solia sang a Mexican song called ‘Cielito Lindo’ that we usually sing in my family so for a moment I felt like at home.

On Sunday to finish this fantastic weekend, I met with my mentor, Piotr, who showed me a spectacular vegetarian restaurant and with which I enjoyed a beautiful road through the streets of the city center.

This week has started somewhat white with snow, which I can not stop photographing, so long ago that I did not enjoy the snowy landscape that only this detail improves my days. Thanks to all who are sharing this experience with me and greetings to all those who I have left far from the snowy Lviv!