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Sometimes on your life path you meet people that don’t care about anyone, other than who is making them feel confident. They seems to soften their heart only in specific situations, with specific people. They rather put out your light than find their own. They don’t see beyond their ability to judge who is trying all his efforts to be kind and compassionate.
At See Beyond I finally met some people who gave me the feelings of caring for Others. People who accept and are sincere with their own emotions and therefore can perceive and embrace others’ emotions.
I have always known that people who are not afraid of showing their weaknesses and their feelings are the stronger ones. And I got the confirmation of this during the Art Residence. I really needed to meet people who do not have masks, whose eyes are sincere and express their own world. People who reply to your kindness with other kindness; people who appreciate you and tell you about that.

I love to see beyond eyes. But this is possible only with certain people. Through performance, I understood that some people are “naked” in showing themselves, others have a mask of naivety which has no audience, other than their own kind. The curious thing is that this mask takes on a different colour according to the situation, the only thing that remains is the steady hand to hold the mask up.













At SEE BEYOND I took my shyness off and I enabled my soul to see beyond . Beyond my own world, beyond my guilts, beyond my insecurities. To see myself through other eyes.

I looked through others’ eyes and I discovered new worlds. I found out new words. I understood that everyone has a story to tell, but when you read it through the eyes it worth twice.

Відбір учасників/учасниць на молодіжний обмін у Грузії

ГО “Інститут Суспільних Ініціатив ” спільно з NGO “Youth For The World” проводить відбір учасників/учасниць на молодіжний обмін у Грузії “You-th For Hiking”. Метою цього молодіжного обміну є підвищення спортивної активності молоді, соціальна інклюзія та альтернативна освіта.


APV (Advanced Planning Visit) – Arrival: 6 July / Departure: 08 July, 2018 (Only for Group Leaders)
YE (Youth Exchange) – Arrival: 15 August / Departure: 26 August, 2018


Pona Campsite – Full Outdoor in Low Mountainous District of Kakheti Region


ue to the extraordinary situation related to the mass migration in Europe & neighboring countries, youth-Educational organisations “Stichting Schoolclash” (The Netherlands) & Network of youth-Educational organisation “Youth For the World”-YFW (Georgia) & “Inovativy Karta” (Lithuania) together with partners initiates a project “You-th for Hiking”, which is based on sports, outdoor education & social inclusion.

We noticed that Europe citizens are very frustrated because of current changes & new wave of discrimination, hate & anger is starting in the continent again. Huge number of racist crimes in Europe has risen as well, especially hate crimes against Muslims following Paris attacks. There is an urgent need to reduce social tensions, to raise the level of tolerance, to promote the understanding & accepting each other despite the cultural & religious differences. We believe that sport(we will use various sport & outdoor education methods but hiking as the core)through its universality, can transcend cultural, socio-economic & political barriers, which is very important in a international context. Sport is powerful tools for development, within international communities. Moreover, sport reflects on different values & can create a bridge between different social groups forming better mutual understanding. The answer could be reaffirmed by citing United Nations, which “recognize that sport, as a tool for education, development & peace, can promote cooperation, solidarity, tolerance, understanding, social inclusion & health at the local, national & international levels”.

* To reach personal development which helps to understand ourselves and reflect on own & others behavior;
* Challenge the perception of the structures within our society that undermine social inclusion or foster discrimination;
* Overcoming the stereotypes of different religious & raise awareness on the topic of discrimination;
* To build a broader understanding of what an inclusive attitude means;
* To understand the connections between culture, sport and inter-cultural aspects of sport in religious dialogue;
* To raise the sense of empathy towards other people


Expected participants: youngsters, youth workers & young leaders who are already active but aim to develop as youth leaders, concretely in the sphere of motivation & Outdoor Education
AGE limit for Group Leaders: NO Age Limit / AGE limit for participants: From 18 – Till 29


*We kindly ask our partners organisations & group leaders to prepare participants according the needs of the Youth Exchange (will be discussed during the APV).

*All participants have to be ready for sport & outdoor activities, As we are planning to have lot of outdoor actions. Participants need to be prepared for various weather conditions. (Please bring comfortable shoes or sneakers, outdoor suits & rain coats). We will start all days with morning sports, we will go for hiking (day & night) few times during the YE.

*All participants should be ready to present their organiations during the NGO Fair.

*All participants should be ready to present their countries during the intercultural evenings.


In August in Georgia usually is very hot weather. Normally temperature is around 30/35º C, but because of we go to mountains, evenings will be chilly, or can be rainy, so be prepared 😉 We strongly recommend checking the forecast before coming or to write the coordinators to consult. Please don’t forget  that we will be sleeping in Tents.


The Youth Exchange will take place in Pona eco village. The Camping Place is surrounded by nature and situated in the low mountainous region of Kakheti in eastern part of Georgia (around 190km far from Tbilisi city). Venue is hosting local and international camps since summer 2013. Campsite is good location for the outdoor activities with all the necessary facilities for living and working. Participants will be living in tents shared by 6 & 8 people depending on tent size. Organizers will provide matrasses, but we are expecting participants to take their own SEEPING BAGS. Hosts will provide participants with three times meal per day & two Fruit/coffee breaks also Picnics and food packages during the hiking.


Ukraine (per participant) – 275€

Application form

Application deadline – 18.06.2018

EVS as Art Theatre

In this article, I would like to talk about linguistic and cultural barriers. As you might know, living in a country where you have little or no-knowledge of the local language can be a real challenge. And that it’s definitely my case, as my expertise in Ukrainian language is not enough to understand informal conversations and discussions about complex topics. This very often results for me in feeling excluded from the external environment. Your perceptions of reality change a lot, as you don’t understand things as they really are, but as your imagination thinks them to be. Also people are not real, but they are the result of your mind processing information is not sure about.

Moreover, very often you feel invisible as for other people you simply don’t exist. And despite your big efforts to be open, helpful and smiling with all kind of people you encounter in your way, sometimes you don’t receive the same attentions. Better said, you receive them only when someone needs you. So that everyone will turn to you extremely kind and polite ( sometimes even not) asking you to perform a great variety of actions as for example validating others’ tickets on the tram.

In other words, it seems that people consider you only because they need you to be there at that precise moment. And that’s all. So my question very often has been “how to feel appreciated for who you really are?” Such a big one, you might think. Right, totally true, I am sure I am not the only one struggling with this questions. And when I am abroad, far from my family and closest friends, I think this feeling is even stronger due to the desire of fitting in and very often due to the frustration resulting from trying to merge with locals.

However, the event I am participating in, that is See Beyond Art Residence, gave me the answer. Better said, all beautiful young people participating in this workshop gave me the answer. And this is precisely Art and Music. In fact, both kind of arts involve a bunch of people from diverse cultural backgrounds and context without having to speak the same language. And they will understand and feel understood. And that’s because, as one girl told me “You don’t need to understand Art, but to feel Art. So I will just imagine my EVS experience to be an Art Theatre Performance. People surrounding me to be pure Music and Art. I will be both Spectator and Protagonist. Because only through this way I will be close to the True meaning of this experience. And I will finally understand it and get understood.


Photography: a new way of looking at reality

“A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety”. Ansel Adams

Some weeks  ago Anna, our coordinator, came up with the idea of providing us with a Media Workshop.
A series of interactive meetings on photography techniques, videomaking strategies and composition basic skills. When I heard this, at first I was perplexed, I am sincere.
I like art and photography but I have never considered to be involved in a media course or develop my knowledge in this field. I have always admired  other friends of mine who are excellent photographers, but I have always lived this art at a certain distance. I have just replied yes to Anna’s proposal because one of the things I learnt in life is never say no to new opportunities.

Thus, I approached the workshop with some skepticism but I tried my best to put the teachings into practice. The first task was to go around our neighborhood in Sykhiv and take pictures of different patterns and elements. My perfectionist mindset helped me to not take the task as a game but take the photography strategies seriously.
The techniques our photography expert Piotr explained to us were clear to me at the end of the theory part and I didn’t wait a minute to take my mobile phone and experiment them.

At the end of the first meeting I found myself completely in love with this practice. I took 60 pictures of different things that looking back I would have never considered to take photographs of, before the workshop.  I learnt that beauty is in everyday life, in the small things, in stupid things that we often take for granted. I learnt that behind every photograph there are thousands of meanings. I understood that different perspectives are fine, that “what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly”.

Photography is more than a picture. It is more than the representation of a single object, of a person, of a landscape. It is a state of mind, it is a story that tells life, it is a declaration of feelings. Photography is subjective and this makes it even more fascinating.
I have never liked objective things (maths, first of all!). I like that one object is explained in different ways, according to the viewer’s opinion. One element, thousands of meanings. One element, thousands of memories. It is like life, isn’t it?
Photography is the philosophy of life. How you perceive what is in front of you, it is just a feeling you have inside you.