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Підбірка EVS вакансій

До вашої уваги – підбірка свіжих EVS вакансій в Іспанії, Швеції, Італії, Франції та Словенії.


The EVS volunteer will work in Cazalla Intercultural – a nonprofit organization dedicated to the field of non-formal education and promotion of volunteering. The EVS volunteer will be helping in organizing workshops and courses for local community, organization of international days’ celebrations, leisure and educational activities for children and youth, and local projects with the objective of fighting integration difficulties of recently arrived migrants in Lorca.

Project Dates: 02/10/2017 – 02/10/2018

Application deadline : 03/09/2017

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The projects will be located in youth clubs/community centres in Borås, Sweden. The volunteer’s main tasks will be to develop and implement activities together with young people, be part of citizen service, help with homework, take part in trips as well as trying to find new collaborations with other community centres in the city. A big part of the mission will be to find creative ways to spread information about Erasmus+ around the city as well as by using social media.

Project dates:01/02/2018 – 01/02/2019

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The ”Brandenburgische Sportjugend” (Sports Youth Brandenburg) is an independent working youth organisation in the ”Sports Federation Brandenburg”. Its members are children and teenagers, as well as, their youth representatives who are organized in more than 2.500 sporting-clubs.
The project foresees to host 1 volunteer in the Organisation´s Department of International Cooperation for 12 months. Main tasks of the volunteer are to support the co-workers of the Department, get acquainted with sport structures and EU programs and funding in international youth work; support the planning, preparation and organisation of international projects; look after young people from abroad and international guests.

Project dates : 14/06/2018 – 13/06/2019

Application deadline: 20/08/2017

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The project will take place in Torre del Greco, a context where the condition of young people faces many difficulties: poor educational and employment offers, emigration of young people, neglect of disadvantaged people, lack of political participation. Among young people, a part the political disinterest, there is poor sense of belonging that often degenerates into urban decay and vandalik acts.

On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the Erasmus + program, the project aims to disseminate volunteering as a tool for the purpose of:  increase active citizenship and the sense of European citizenship; promote a sense of belonging; instrument for social inclusion; effective tool of informal learning.

Project dates: 08/09/2017 – 07/09/2018

Application deadline : 20/08/2017

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From 2015 the Cooperative La.Co.Sa is involved in migration projects and reception for people who request international protection, in particular runs a host community and some of cohabitation accommodation for migrants in the outskirts of Mantova, which houses families with children, single women and lonely men. The project deals with the support of the aspects of the daily lives of the guests, the aim is to make them independent at different levels, promoting wellness, spread the culture of integration and sharing, and preventing, as far as possible, situations of marginalization, isolation, deviance and conflict, also supporting them in their legal path request asylum.

Project dates : 04/04/2018 – 04/12/2018

Application deadline : 20/08/2017

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Hosting organisation, Pekarna Magdalenske mreže is a non-governmental, non-profit institution, founded in 1997 as an organisation for encouraging, supporting programme and project cooperation, conducting cultural, educational, research, informative and humanitarian activities. Programme-wise the organisation works in three main areas: independent culture, youth/volunteer work and civil engagement.

Project dates: 28/02/2018 – 31/12/2018

Application deadline : 23/08/2017

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The main task of the volunteer is to work with children and teenagers during their free time in leisure center, to make activities with them and let them discover the country of the volunteer. The aim through this project is to bring openness to the people who are in contact with the EVS volunteer. In particular the activities deal with:
– Helping out the team in the leisure center, the welcoming place before and after school and the youth center.
– Organize activities with the children or youth about the country or the passion of the volunteer (cooking, relaxation, hip hop, manual activities…)
– Participate in outdoor activities with them
– Participate to all the meeting with the team
– Being involved in the life of the association

Project dates : 02/10/2017 –  31/08/2018

Application deadline : 25/08/2017

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Шукаємо учасників на Youth Media Camp

Шукаємо 2 учасників на проект у Польщі Youth Media Camp, що буде проходити 31 серпня – 8 вересня 2017 року та складатиметься з 2-х етапів:

  • воркшопи по журналістиці та виробництві відео контенту
  • Економічний форум молодих лідерів

Вимоги до кандидатів:

  • знання англійської мови
  • наявність відкритої візи або біометричного паспорту
  • вік 18-26 років
  • перевага буде надаватись мододим журналістам

Детальний опис проекту:

Youth Media Camp  will be realized in Nasutów and Nowy Sącz between 31st August and 8th September 2017.  As the result our project will be media meeting of young people from Germany, Poland and Ukraine. Participants should be in age from 18 up to 26 years old . The Project is built by two parts:

First part: will take place in Nasutów (31.08.2017-03.09.2017). During this part participants will  be divided into working groups and will be participating in several workshops, like:

Journalist’s workshop – What is it composed of? Best sources of information for journalist. Where to look for themes for reportage? Main things to think about while preparation of materials for reportage. Interviews. Types of interviews (depending on theme, source of information, type of media), things to remember about during preparation of interview.

Movie recording workshop- Basic camera functions. Composition of the image. Build a movie sequence. Tops for preparation of good video material. Planning the video reportage, preparing the scenes.  Learn to create sound reporting.

Second part: 4th September participants together with organizers of the Economic Forum of Young Leaders, go to Nowy Sącz, and stay there till 8th September.

During the Forum their main task will be Preparation for recording; Participation in chosen sessions. Recordings during the session; Collection materials for video and written reportage. Interviews with participants of Forum, Preparation of final versions of video and written reportages.

Last day we will organize summary and evaluation of the project, later participants will go back to home.

General conditions:

We provide accommodation, board and insurance for participants during the project. Participants will share their room with others. Travel for Ukrainian group European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation will cover costs of travel from the border crossing in  Hrebenne in the amount of 62 PLN for each participant (both ways), some own contribution from participants is required.

What is the Economic Forum of Young Leaders?

Economic Forum of Young Leaders is a platform for ideas exchange concerning the future of European Union and the entire european continent. We create a place where the leaders of future have an opportunity to lead both conversations and discussions with present leaders of the modern world about major processes which Europe and world  are undergoing as well as challenges facing the young generation of politicians, economists, entrepreneurs and leaders of NGOs. It is also a place where many international projects are initiated. The mission of Forum is to create the idea for the future of Europe. Our aim is to build an international Think Tank of young leaders who will influence their local communities as well as inspire new, common projects.

More than 400 young leaders  from 42 countries visit every year The Economic Forum of Young Leaders in order to debate with prominent representatives of political, social and business life of  the modern world and create ideas for the future of the Old Continent. Economic Forum of Young Leaders has been known as ’young Krynica’ and ‘Davos of the young’. There were more than 3000 participants of the age 18-35 from all European countries who took part in the last eleven editions.

IT IS REQUIRED TO RESPECT DRESS CODE DURING THE FORUM: Business Standard/ Business Attire/ formal!

Відбір учасників буде відбуватись на основі аплікаційної форми доступна тут (натисніть щоб перейти за лінком). Дедлайн заповнення форми – 11.08. 2017. 

Відібрані учасники можуть бути запрошені на коротке інтерв’ю (по телефону чи Skype). Лише відібраним та тим хто потрапив до списку очікування, буде повідомлено про статус їх заявки.

У разі виникнення питань, пишіть на

З повагою,
Команда ГО “Інститут Суспільних Ініціатив”