Якщо ви хочете провести 5 місяців у сонячній Варні, на узбережжі Чорного моря, беручи участь в організації культурних подій та популяризації вивчення іноземних мов – то у нас є хороші новини!

Наші болгарські партнери розшукують 2-х українських волонтерів на проекти, що розпочинаються вже в березні та триватимуть до 31 липня.

Детальніше про проекти



– Direct communication with partners for organising culturalevents
– Planning strategies for events with the PR team and preparing advertisements
– Organising events, premises, programme and details alone or with colleagues.
– Hosting events or finding hosts
– Documenting events and distribution of results
– Analysis and gathering feedback from the audience and colleagues and looking for ways for improvement
– PR and social media, writing texts

What are you going to get

Improved skills in multicultural communication
– Learn event planning, organisation, entrepreneur and management skills
– Build contact networks
– Implement interesting projects
– Weekly trainings in different topics
– Understanding of the social and cultural environments in Europe and its neighbours
– Participate in an international team from more than 5 countries.



– Managing social media specifically focused on High Schools with foreign languages studies – Facebook and other.
– Developing of a culture calendar with High Schools in Varna– forming, building events, according to the interest of the high school students between 14-18 years old.
– Planning of strategy for events with a team
– Using different approaches for getting the students attention – interactive games.
– Direct communication with school representatives for the organization of events.
– Distribution of the information for the events and finding the key for motivating the students to participate.
– Leading the events yourself of finding another person for this.
– Organizing the premises for the event.

What are you going to get

– Skills in multicultural communicationwith future partners,friends and colleagues, bringing successful contacts and projects through weekly trainings in different topics self-control and self-organisation.
– Leading skills in events with children between 14-18 years old.
– Enjoyment in a international team from more than 10 countries.
– Entrepreneur skills.
– Basic Bulgarian language and an unique experience with the Cyrilic alphabet.
– Flexibilty.
– Skills for working with inteligent and hard to be attracted audience.

Are you?

– an open-minded person?
– ready to dive into a new sea of e active and flexible?
– with English language skills?
– with computer knowledge?
– aged 19-30 years?


Send us a CV and short description of your passion and what you want to do: kurs@lecti.eu


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