Projects that help to realize the potential of young people


European voluntary service

One of the main aspects of work of our organization is to provide youth with the opportunities of cultural exchange, that is volunteering abroad. EVS is the program of European Committee that allows youth to travel, acquire new skills, make friends and get invaluable experience in European countries.



Lviv Models of UN

Model of UN is an educational role play when the conferences of different departments of UNO are simulated. The participants act as diplomats, recreating the work of the UN along with following existing rules of the procedure. They represent different countries and discuss current issues that are on the agenda at the UN.

By simulating the work of different departments of the UN, the participants learn about the problems from all over the world and the solutions. Every year hundreds of models of the UN are held worldwide, and in 2009 the first Global Model took place.


School of change

The aim of our work is to increase the motivation and self-organization of students, expand the practice of non-formal education, qualitatively enlarge the general level of knowledge. Under the guidance of our teachers and taking into account international experience as well as the active combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, authorial program, that gives great possibilities to realize projects, was worked out. Learning by doing is one of our main methods of work.


Info-project. Opportunities for Ukrainian youth

Follow the huge number of opportunities for development in Ukraine and abroad at our information resource “Opportunities for Ukrainian youth”. Trainings, conferences, workshops, exchanges and many others can be found on our website.

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