The Inclusive Friendly project is developing rapidly and already striding confidently across the country! Our project focuses on training in communication and working with people with disabilities.

We, along with colleagues, conducted a training under the program “Inclusive Friendly” for staff and partners of OschadnyBank in the Odessa region! The Odessa winter took us warmly and gave us another 30 people for the inclusive family.


The Odessa region is home to more than 8% of people with disabilities in Ukraine. For their sake, managing departments and representatives of the public gathered and adopted the philosophy of inclusiveness. After each of our trainings we are distributing pamphlets to participants with basic materials, so they do not forget key points and always have them at the workplace. Every time, we meet participants even more inspired to work and change society. This time, the most memorable moment was when one of the participants received a booklet and said: “Colleagues, we were given the opportunity to not only listen but to also take something tangible, in this our duty is to tell and pass on the knowledge to at least 10 other people. And then inclusively we will welcome 20 people and then 200 people, and then we will really have changed ourselves and the people around us.” It’s nice when you are understood and supported, it is nice when the philosophy of inclusion spreads like a virus in the community.

Us – those who are making a step forward! A special thank OschadnyBank and our partners:

NGO “Feel”, NGO “Seeing heart” because of “The Right to Happiness!”