The Academy aims to develop necessary competences for the growth of civil society at the local level of Ukrainian and American youth based on modern practices and promising methods, as well as to establish strong links between youth representatives from both countries.


Due to the ongoing political and economic crises, talented, young people are unable to witness successful models of civil society. This project will provide them with an opportunity to see American ideals in the areas of democracy and freedom. This, in fact, is the main reason for the launch of the Ukrainian American Academy of Civic Leadership (UACLA) project.


Therefore, our participants will be selected from Ukraine based on skills, knowledge and attitudes towards the project (30 participants, those who have not been in the United States or abroad as a whole). The project aims to create a wonderful two-way platform for interaction, knowledge and skills sharing, understanding the fact that there are different people and cultures around the world, and finally understanding that they are citizens of the world, who must create and maintain a prosperous future for future generations for the whole world.

The project idea is closely linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs2030) – #16 Peace, Excellence and Strong Institutions, #17 Partnership for Goals and #4 Quality Education.


The lecturers of the academy will be representatives of NGOs from the USA and Ukraine.


The participants are offered an interesting 10-day program, full of interesting theory, practical cases and tasks. This is the first phase. The following phase, which will take place after the project, requires each participant with the task of conveying the information received to an audience (at school or other institutions).


The language of the event is English!


Registration for the project can be found at the link:



Registration lasts until October 5th!


Our ideal candidate:


Has a sufficient enough English language level for understanding the speakers;

Is a member of a public organization, informal association or is socially active;

Has never been to the United States;

Seeks to improve their skills and knowledge for their further practical application;

Is 16-25 years old


The organizers will provide transport (up to $500), accommodation, meals and interesting academic and social programs!