On September 23, in the heart of Sykhiv, in a clearing between the Sykhiv Forest Park and Ocvits Grove, we held “Sykhiv Day,” a neighborhood festival. We wanted to show that rich and interesting leisure is possible not only in the city center, but in Sykhiv as well. Sykhiv has its own identity and good opportunities for development. At the festival there were zones for children and adults, sports and entertainment, educational lectures and also a food court. Within the framework of Sykhiv Day, many local organizations offered help, including: The Tempo Music Development Center, the creative workshop “Sverlik,” the educational initiative “Insatiable Readers,” The Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, The City Institute and many others.

The youngest members of Sykhiv painted, danced and even engraved different graphics onto glass. Meanwhile, adults had an opportunity to listen to the development strategy of their area, social projects which are already taking place in Sykhiv, and also tried to take more than four steps on a slack line. A quiz was given about Sykhiv and as it turned out, a Sykhiv student from school 84, scored the highest on the quiz, resulting in him being the winner. One young guest of the festival said it best, Marichka whispered, “I liked the poems told by Ms. Julia most of all. And here you can run!”