For the third consecutive year, The NGO “Institute of Social Initiatives” has implemented “School of Changes,” a non-formal education program for students. What is non-formal education and why is it needed? Why “School of Changes” ? What results do you expect? We answer all of these questions and more with students in the introductory lesson. We do not give ready answers, but motivate students to critically think and express themselves. In the beginning, boys and girls look at us with distrust, but by the end they are ready to accept new challenges.

The slogan has changed since the beginning of the project to “one education for life” into “lifelong learning.” Formal (school or university) education does not keep up with the demands of time, while non-formal education is flexible enough and sensitive to new topics. Today, young people need to be able to efficiently manage themselves, work in a team, tolerate people of different ages, skin color and economic status. They must be able to generate interesting ideas and know how to implement them. You will not get these skills at math, chemistry or English lessons, but you will at the lessons of the School of Changes.

Another big responsibility of School of Changes is to teach students to believe in their strengths. Already today, they can become volunteers for many different causes, gain international experience while volunteering or influence the development of their school. Immediately in the first lesson, pupils and students of the 9th form of the NEC “School-Lyceum Oriana” decided that we need to change the windows in the class where we were working. The lessons about project management will definitely be useful for them.

Since September 25, “School of Changes” has started in four schools in Sykhiv. Our program consists of 10 lessons, which can be divided into two blocks. One focuses more on personal development, while the other aims to deepen students’ knowledge of civil society, social activity and responsibility. The conclusion of School of Changes is a social action project that the students themselves develop and have the opportunity to see through. Our lecturers are specialists in their fields so they are interesting and instructive.

We believe in youth and work to ensure that they believe in themselves.

Period of realization

Since 2014 every school semester

Geography of realization

Lviv, Sykhiv district