Pitching Social Projects

From July 3 till July 7, 2017, Pitching of Cultural-Social Action Projects took place in Lviv. The event was organized by the Institute of Social Initiatives with the support of the Lviv City Council’s Culture Department and the British Council under the Active Citizens Program.

The participants of the event presented 36 projects, all which focused on the development of the city of Lviv. The themes of the projects were diverse: development of libraries, children’s circles, projects for sorting garbage and processing of hard plastic, as well as various festivals for the development of non-central areas of the city.

During the event, the participants mastered design skills and gained work experience. In addition, they were able to identify what problems were being addressed and how to formulate specific goals and action plans.

During the event there were many interesting ideas and lively comments – all for the sake of making each project the best.

The 21 projects selected by the jury were given the opportunity to realize their own ideas, which means that the city of Lviv will become even richer with cultural festivals, social enterprises, innovations and youth opportunities!