The joint project between Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine is intended to provide development opportunities for young people from remote regions with economic or social constraints.

Through a series of intensive practical trainings that were held in three countries for half a year, young people can improve their leadership skills, gain team-building skills for joint initiatives, and gain awareness of educational programs and exchange programs in Europe and the world.

In addition, young people will gain more access to work in their communities through the development of youth participation structures in rural and remote regions. During the implementation of this project, participants will receive qualified mentor support from experts from partner organizations.

The positive effect of the project will be secured through the creation and dissemination of Recommendations on Best Practices for Youth Inclusion.

The project is being implemented by Armenian Progressive Youth (Armenia), Foundation for Advancement of Moldova (Moldova) and the Institute of Social Initiatives (Ukraine) with the support of the European Union, the National Endowment for Democracy and the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum.