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“Active Citizens” in Drohobych

In Drohobych, October 22nd-23rd, the training “Active citizens” under the auspice of the British Council in Ukraine, was organized by the NGO "Institute for Social Initiatives”.

It was visited by the citizens of Drohobych and they received certificates of international standard. For two days, our new facilitators Julia Romanchuk and Irina Voloschak, conducted a training in the field of intercultural dialogue and social development, they showed the scheme of and how to write projects for funding by the British Council.


“This is an informal educational program using nonstandard training techniques that are creative, because it involves the community of active citizens of Ukraine. We are also the driving force that is ready to make changes. Who, if not us? When, if not now?” – a summary of what Julia and Irina told the new active citizens of the city of Drohobych.

The subjects of future projects, included discussion of a space for children with disabilities and their parents, a center for volunteers and training courses on the project “Colored Town,” which designs drawings of the city residents.

The NGO “Institute for Social Initiatives” expresses gratitude to the leadership of the City Library, Chornovil, for providing a reading room for two days of a training.

Active Sykhiv

This weekend, despite the cold weather in Lviv, we were warmed from the heat of training “Active Citizens” by the British Council and NGO “Institute for Social Initiatives!” On October 15-16, the library at 33 sihiv and our family joined another 20 active members of different communities of the city.

A quote from one of the participants describes the basic goal of our work, “I came here with thoughts and ideas going on.” The training was filled with a variety of games, innovative methods of project management training and what is and what is not a project of social action, all of which are the fruits that you will soon be able to see in Sykhiv and in various communities Lion City!

The Council holds a philosophy of unity and strength of the community and looks forward to new participants in the program “Active Citizens!” Follow our page to follow the trainings!


The NGO “Society Initiatives Institute" (Ukraine) and the NGO “New Inspirtations" (Poland) have organized a youth exchange, ”Between Galicia and Europe,” to be held under the new program of cooperation between Ukraine and Poland.

The subject concerns strengthening regional cooperation between the two countries, especially in the context of shared history and culture of Galicia.

Co-organizer of the project, Taras Repytsky, reported, “Together with our Polish colleagues, we worked out an interesting project, which involves several stages of implementation in the future. The first of them being a youth exchange, which was supported by the Council of Ukrainian- Polish exchanges. We are very grateful for this opportunity because it will allow us to test our developments and further create new projects for youth and community of Galicia in search of deeper dialogue, cooperation and development.”

The project starts on October 21st and runs until the 28th, near the town of Tarnow. There will be 24 young participants, people from the Ukrainian and Polish parties who are interested in issues of youth, community and regional cooperation in Galicia.

The project is implemented within the framework of Ukrainian-Polish youth exchanges and with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

Time Changes

Changes are not far off. The positive social changes are destined to be. And we, the youth, can become the change you want to see in society …

It is with such thoughts and feelings that the training “Change Must Go On” ended. It took place during the week of September 10th-18th and brought together representatives of 8 countries in the picturesque banks of the largest lake in Latvia (or as told to Latvians Raaaaznas Ezers :).

The training course was incredibly thematically rich, we only have one week time to discuss issues and challenges of global education, global citizenship and global warming. Many, many global ideas, but most importantly, how global issues can be implemented in practice, or in general in the city, or within the activities of the NGO somewhere in Sykhiv, or in the school across the road. This is the most valuable lesson learned, when you realize that new knowledge is much needed, and that it can truly be applied for the benefit of local communities. For a week of training, in the air hovered the spirit GLOCAL: Think globally, act locally.

24 participants seeking positive change for their countries, cities and communities had the opportunity to get acquainted with the unique, informal learning methods (Storytelling, PhotoVoice and Sensory Labyrinth Theatre). But the theory, although very interesting, needs support. We had agreed to try how it works in real life by visiting one of Latvia’s schools and youth centers to work with children.

In general, it was said that the experience of the training course was invaluable. It definitely inspired and encouraged plans and projects for the future, and let us not forget, that change must go on!


Sykhivskiy Squirrels – REGISTRATION started!

The Society Initiatives Institute, in partnership with “X-sports” and Pony Ukraine, is looking for a set of girls aged 10-14 to participate in the softball club “Sykhivskiy Squirrels.”

Softball is similar to baseball but is played with a slightly bigger ball. This is a great game for kids and it was recently included in the Olympics!

Practices will be held in the school, ”Oriyana,” where the gym is located inside and the stadium is nearby.

Our organization provides children equipment. Participation is free of charge. Practices are conducted by qualified coaches coming from the US. After all, this sport is especially popular in the USA!

If you are interested in this opportunity and want to contribute to it, please Apply by email at or call 097 777 13 15 (Victor).

The first round of registration lasts until 14 October. And the first comers will be able to departure to Kremenets (Ternopil region).

Within Softball Club, participants will also get a good English-language and social practices.

The first castle bike ride

On October 2, activists of the NGO “Social Initiatives Institute” organized a bike ride, dubbed “Castle bike ride.” The route ran through key points of Lviv, Sykhiv – Old Village – Svirzh. About 50 cyclists and supporters of this idea participated in the first event in a recreational cycle to local history, traveling to see the castles and overcoming a distance of 90 km.

For history buffs and members of the journey, the Chief of the Department of Tourism and Resorts, Roman Terebentsya, was waiting to give a tour of the castle, located in the city, Svirzh.

As the organizer of the event and head of the Lviv branch of SII, Viktor Petrov said, “This event is not the first that our organization has completed to involve residents of the city and the region. We have had interesting times and an opportunities to relax in the country before. Even before we organized this trip, we had a trip to the Roztochia reserved monastery in the village, to Stradch, a park in the village, to Obroshyno, and more. We will continue to have a more systematic approach to the development of our region.”

The organizers appreciate Tourism LOSA, NGO “X-sports” and NGO “Time of justice” for help in the implementation and development of cycling and tourist potential of Lviv region. They also appreciate those wishing to join the initiative of NGOs and to discover new places for themselves in our region.


Santa Barbara in Armenia

Santa Barbara is not only the 2137 series, it is not only 10 years old, it has also become an expression of the complex and dramatic relationships between people.

On September 19th-26th, 35 youth workers from different countries, cultures and religions, gathered in Yerevan for an international training course under the same name.

The main objective of the project was to show that no matter what any of us are involved with, it all comes down to communication, interpersonal relationships and humane treatment to each other. This is especially important now, because in today’s world identity, self-determination and self-realization are the main values.


During the week, while in Armenia, where patriarchy is still prevalent in accordance to family relationships, where a woman’s place is still associated with the household, we talked about gender equality, the protection of women and children, the types of communication and perception and about stereotypical thinking and our own prejudices. Testing on a variety of methods and tools of non-formal education combining theory and facts the masterclass was lead by people with real experience from the NGO “Society without violence” and the Women’s. Resource Center of Armenia. I concluded: We are all different because there are no two like-minded individuals; but we are equal in our rights and obligations. We all are inhabitants of one planet and it is our duty to build a world free from poverty, injustice and evil.

Therefore advice to involved initiatives that want to take part in the project is, in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, Be the change you prefer to see in the world!

Lily Tkachuk, member training, Member SII Kyiv

ICI participated in the experts’ activities under the auspices of the OSCE

Recently, there was one of the most important events in the heart of cooperation between the state and civil society, they have started combining their efforts. Upon visiting the regional roundtable discussion, held on October 5 in Ternopil, it was concluded that, “Mechanisms for institutional support to CSOs in Ukraine will be established.” This organized event was under the “Support implementation of the National Strategy for civil society development in Ukraine” proposed by the President of Ukraine. And representing Society Initiatives Institute was Valentine Gutsal.

An important aspect of this event was the actualization of dialogue at the highest level between civil society organizations and government officials. In particular, the event was attended by Oleksandr Yarema, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Olga Ozorna, Department of civil society, office OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine, Love Palyvoda, president of CCC, OSCE expert, Tatiana Potopalsky, chairman of direct and indirect taxation , OSCE expert, Alexander Vinnikov, legal Advisor and a network of European law.

Public organizations were presented and asked to consider a number of proposals to support the institutional development of civil society and focus attention on the need to create a Ukrainian National Endowment for CSO development. It is in this sphere that participants worked. They were divided into four working groups; developing and improving four key positions, goals and objectives of their work, form a legal consolidation of its organization and funding and efficient management of the fund.

The vast majority of public organizations and experts supported the state to take responsibility for the practical implementation of the National Strategy for Development of Civil Society and financially support the sustainability of NGOs. However, an important focus of the NGO representatives had emphasized the need for a transparent process of forming the National Endowment for CSO development and cooperation of the state and public organizations for the effective functioning of society.

So while the idea of a National Endowment for CSOs held further discussions in regions, they all agreed on one opinion: “We must care about everyone, and allow active citizens and leaders of NGOs to conduct open and honest dialogues with the state”

Valentin Gutsal volunteer SII


Friends, we have more excellent news, because the Society Initiatives Institute and the organization Youth Support Center (Poland) won the contest of projects that were announced in the framework of the Ukrainian-Polish exchanges. We are pleased to offer the opportunity to participate in a youth exchange, which will be held October 30 – November 6, in the charming Slavske (Lviv region). We are looking for 12 persons from Ukraine.

Project will improve the level of key competences and skills of young people, including those with fewer opportunities, as well as promote participation in democratic life in Europe, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity. Participants will develop their soft skills competences while preparing and implementing Social Campaigns in the local community as well as using online tools and social media.

Organizers cover the cost of transportation (Lviv-Slavsko, Slavske Lviv), social program, accommodation and meals. Project language is English (average).

Requirements for individuals:

English language level sufficient to accept the information and active communication with stakeholders;

active public position and willingness to engage in social activities;

If you are interested in participating in the project, your applications are welcome until October 19. Only selected participants will be notified of the results by October 21.

Also, remember that the NGO “Society Initiatives Institute" developed and under development spheres are always looking for leaders throughout Ukraine who are ready to develop our network. More at the link.

And there is always also the opportunity to become a volunteer with our organization in existing projects.

Social Entrepreneurship Days

On February 25 there will be SE Days – Social Entrepreneurship Days by the NGO “Social Initiatives Institute”.

The aims are to popularize the ideas of social entrepreneurship, sustainable development goals, and corporate social responsibility and to create the Model of the business environment that will help to realize, test and strengthen youth’s ideas in the field of social entrepreneurship. At the same time, the project provides an opportunity to find a common vision on eco-business and sustainable development, discuss probable solutions on existing problems and gain knowledge from the Ukranian, German, Moldovan and polish experiences. To present extended educational programs for social entrepreneurs in Ukraine.


Main points of the event:

  • Presentations by experts from Germany, Poland and Moldova;
  • Workshops;
  • World Cafe;
  • Panel discussion;
  • Crush-test projects.


The event focus on students 4-6 courses, graduates and young entrepreneurs and business.


Why you should participate:

  • Invent a solution to social problems
  • Gain knowledge to run your own startup
  • Meet peers and experts
  • Test the reliability of your idea
  • Just for fun)


Inspiring atmosphere and useful insights guaranteed 🙂


The event is supported by MitOst and Friedrich Naumann Foundation Ukraine and Belarus.


Participation is free. Apply before 21 February:


Join us on socail media:

Our partners:




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