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Society Initiatives Institute initiated a special volunteer program aimed at consolidation of the efforts of all highly motivated and willing persons for the development of civil society by the activities in various projects. We also act as some kind of hub of opportunities to assist our partners in the realization of their activities.

We strongly believe and have noticed more than once that the volunteer acquires new knowledge as well as skills and perfects oneself with every project. Necessary skills for everyone wherever he/she works or is engaged in!

Become a part of new society!


Actual offers for volunteering:

  • School of Changes;
  • Athletic Section at school (Lviv);
  • Animation and conducting thematic clubs, including the School of Oriental Languages (Lviv);
  • Spread of foreign languages by the “Language Space” project;
  • Geriatric boarding house (Lviv);
  • Volunteering in the rehabilitation center “Dzherelo”;
  • Volunteering in Lviv City Library № 33 (Sykhiv district);
  • Participation in mass cleaning of public space (“toloka” – semantic equivalent in Ukrainian);
  • Volunteering in the “Earth Hour”

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If you want to be part of a progressive team, fill the application for volunteering asap!

Join our team (ukrainian version)

Our purpose is the preparation and implementation of educational, social, cultural, informational projects aimed at maximal self-realization of the representatives of youth and non-governmental sector and building an open and responsible society in Ukraine.

For this purpose we create initiatives and join the exciting initiatives.

Besides we inform about the possibility of participation in the European Voluntary Service (EVS) with the help of our organization.

More info

Team of volunteering management

If you have any questions please write to office@sii.org.ua and we will answer them with pleasure.